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What's New in ProLaw 2017.2

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  • Additional mobility and flexibility enhancements allow users to more easily organize work in Outlook and do more while away from the office
  • Time-saving improvements make time entry, matter searching, and emailing of attachments more efficient
  • New security and auditing functionality gives more control over changes of custom fields and tabs and provides an audit trail of those changes

Flexibility, time savings, and improved security. That's what you get with the newest version of ProLaw® from Thomson Reuters Elite. Several enhancements in ProLaw 2017.2 are a direct result of clients' requests.

It's now easier to organize your work in Outlook® thanks to a complete rewrite of the Microsoft® Outlook View. Access to files and custom tabs from within Outlook and on-the-go access to billing statements allow lawyers freedom to do more while away from the office.

ProLaw 2017.2 offers time saving improvements such as the ability to convert Word documents to PDF on the fly before attaching them to an email. Additions of time entry descriptions make time entry more efficient, and full matter description searching makes it easier to locate matters in Pro Filing. Finally, new security and auditing functionality gives more control over changes made to custom fields and tabs and provides administrators with an audit trail of those changes.

These benefits and more make ProLaw 2017.2 the must-have tool to help you streamline processes, improve profitability, and fully automate the practice and manage the business of law.

Users will benefit from enhanced time entry with the ability to manage timers across multiple devices and across different views, including day, week, and month. The addition of analytics options through the optional 3E Data Insights feature provides you with the opportunity to be on top of your firm's performance at any place and any time. Embedded in 3E Workspace and built on Microsoft SQL Server database paired with Power BI technology, 3E Data Insights provides rich, persona-based visualizations and the ability to create powerful financial reports.

ProLaw 2017.2 Highlights

Mobility and Flexibility Enhancements

  • Users can add matters, event notes, and trust notes when communicating with their clients via the ProLaw Portal
  • Users can view billing statements on mobile devices
  • Tasks now have their own section on the Dashboard
  • Users can see past, current, and future reminders of tasks on their Reminders or Tasks window on the dashboard
  • Users can open files from Outlook by dragging and dropping documents and PDFs into Outlook View
  • Any custom tabs built in ProLaw now show up in Outlook View, and users can make changes in real time, allowing them to work in ProLaw away from their desk

Time-saving improvements

  • Users can rename document attachments when saving as a ProLaw document
  • Users can convert a document to PDF on the fly and attach to an email when saving as a ProLaw document
  • Full text matter description searching is now available
  • Time entry descriptions are now included with the time entry rather than just the time entry code

Security and Auditing Functionality

  • Users can create customized security to control who can View/ Change/Delete custom fields and custom tabs
  • Audit functionality provides administrators an audit trail to see all changes that were made to custom tabs, including the date, deletion, initials of the individual who made the change, field name, before value, after value, and tab name

Additional Enhancements

  • A visual indicator shows if an event has been matter buddied which will prevent accidental deletions or modifications to documents that may appear in multiple places
  • Users can also see a visual icon for contacts that have been buddied
  • Users can assign matter events to an event class rather than dragging and dropping into a generic folder