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Integrating More Convenient, Secure, and Cost Effective Credit Card Processing with ClientPay


GableGotwals® is a full-service law firm of nearly 90 lawyers representing a diversified client base. Though Oklahoma-based, the firm's connections and reach are global, representing Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs, privately owned companies, foundations, and individuals

Business Challenges

The firm needed a solution to securely manage on-the-fly credit card transactions at lower processing rates.

Why ClientPay?

ClientPay is available as a direct integration with 3E, eliminating redundant data entry and allowing users to attach stored payment types and profiles to invoices and client files.


  • Seamless integration with 3E
  • Lower credit card processing fees
  • Secure and convenient transaction procedures
  • Immediate ROI

A Better Alternative at a Lower Cost

As one of the smaller firms among the 3E® client base, Oklahoma-based GableGotwals finds it critical to leverage the latest advances in technology to maintain a competitive edge. The long-term Thomson Reuters Elite client has frequently been among the first to take advantage of new offerings and has participated in various development programs since its adoption of 3E in 2010.

It is particularly important for the firm to manage its accounting process as efficiently as possible, because the department consists of only one full-time and one part-time employee. For processes beyond the accounting department’s scope of expertise, Accounting Manager Mark Burt and his colleague Ronda White aren’t reluctant to seek a partner that can help fill the gap.

One such partner has been ClientPay®, which offers a proven, cloud-based payment solution that provides a single point of entry for credit card payments and receipts. It turns card payment acceptance from an error-prone and time-intensive task into an efficient, accurate, and cost-saving process. ClientPay caught Burt’s attention at the VANTAGE 2014 User Conference because it can be seamlessly integrated with 3E, and in March 2015, GableGotwals became one of the first firms to do just that.

Not only was Burt relieved to find out that an alternative to the firm’s limiting credit card processes did in fact exist, the more he learned about ClientPay, the more benefits he was able to uncover. Unlike the firm’s existing credit card processing terminal, ClientPay can accept payment outside of the office–on the fly. And unlike the firm’s generic merchant account for credit card transactions, ClientPay doesn’t charge the firm sky-high transaction fees. Because of ClientPay’s Transaction Optimizer® technology, GableGotwals is able to take advantage of the same rate discounts that larger firms are getting.

“Credit card processing can be a burden for small firms that do not undertake a high volume of credit cards, so we never thought we would be a prime candidate to get decent transaction rates,” Burt explains. “All of the pieces truly fell into place for us when we found ClientPay.”

More Convenient, More Secure

For White, another draw to ClientPay from the very beginning was its incredibly intuitive interface. When White logs into the system to run credit card transactions, it is obvious what needs to be done. She can quickly find any outstanding invoices to understand exactly how much each client needs to pay. Even if she doesn't have an invoice number handy, she can instantly pull up the appropriate account, and from there she can select the invoices to be paid or make a payment for a flat amount.

"There are probably other solutions out there that could have solved our accessibility issues, but I cannot imagine they would have lower fees, and they certainly would not have the baked-in integration with 3E. ClientPay is the only one-stop-shop of its kind."
– Mark Burt, Accounting Manager

This can all be completed from wherever White may be at the time. No longer does she have to write down sensitive credit card information and take it to the terminal to complete the transaction. Oftentimes, she is able to pull up credit card information on the spot because it is securely stored on ClientPay's website. Clients appreciate this added convenience and like how ClientPay emails them a copy of the receipt as soon as a transaction is completed.

"Being able to ask our clients if they would like to charge a payment to the card they used previously makes us sound more professional, and it also makes our processes more secure," says White. "It is the ultimate solution to what used to be a cumbersome and clunky process."

Receiving Returns in the First Month

Whenever Burt and White identify what they think may be problem-solving technology for the firm, they run a cost/benefit analysis to confirm that the savings will in fact be greater than the money invested. Before deciding to implement ClientPay, they generated a report that anticipated a significant return on investment, and during the first month of use, the firm was able to recover all associated costs.

Several months later, White ran another report to understand how the firm's credit cards fees compare to its volume of transactions, both before and after implementing ClientPay. The report indicated that the firm is now paying a full percentage less in credit card processing fees–all thanks to ClientPay.

"It's astonishing to think that before we were paying more for a less friendly system," commented White. "ClientPay equips us with all of the robust and flexible features we were promised and at a lower cost. We are pleased to be reaping the benefits."

"Without ClientPay, we would simply be subjected to higher costs," states Burt. "There are probably other solutions out there that could have solved our accessibility issues, but I cannot imagine they would have lower fees, and they certainly would not have the baked-in integration with 3E. ClientPay is the only one-stop-shop of its kind."

Since implementing ClientPay, Burt has served as an advocate for the solution when speaking to accounting staff from other firms. He shares his firm's experience in hopes of helping other firms find out how they can leverage ClientPay to achieve similar cost savings.

"The ClientPay support team has been excellent, and overall, I am pleased to say that it is a great niche product. It does exactly what I need it to do as quickly as I could ever imagine," Burt concludes.