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Introducing 3E Data Insights—A Powerful Tool to Analyze and Visualize Data

  • Spot trends as they happen with powerful and insightful visual analytics
  • Get forecasting and advanced analytics for fee earners and managers out of the box
  • Create interactive reports and dashboards easily without writing any code using Power BI
  • Combine any data source with 3E data for a comprehensive firm-wide data set for reporting
  • Ensure consistent high-fidelity interactive data visualization experiences on any device
  • Leverage statistical languages loved by data scientists with R capabilities built in

Metrics drive behavior, and it’s important to have the right metrics to run your business better. 3E® Data Insights from Thomson Reuters Elite delivers with rich, persona-based visual analytics available anywhere, anytime. Data Insights combines a feature rich self-service data warehouse console along with Microsoft® Power BI®—a leading, cloud-based business analytic service—and 3E Workspace to provide actionable metrics that drive behavior. The result is a powerful, analytics model that lets you create and view actionable insights based on what you manage. You can easily tap into multiple data sources to unlock KPIs quickly, share insights, and make timely decisions based on facts.

As an integral part of the 3E Lawyer Experience, Data Insights is built on the philosophy that lawyers can provide the best customer service in the most cost-effective way when they have the tools they need at their fingertips. From managing partner down to the individual fee earner, Data Insights delivers dashboards tailored and filtered for what each individual manages and makes them readily available on the desktop and mobile device. It’s easy for fee earners and managers to view their performance against targets and their peers to make data-driven decisions. The powerful combination of Data Insights and Power BI can unify all of your organization’s data into insightful and actionable information that helps keep your business on track.

3E Data Insights Highlights

Data Insights Delivered with Standard Content

  • Delivered with standard content, Data Insights provides out-of-the-box analytics, reports, and dashboards that visually indicate the health of your firm
  • Data Insights approach to delivering standard supported content enables a streamlined implementation cycle, allowing firms to see reports sooner
  • Included analytics and visualizations support Working Capital, Revenue Detail, Individual Fee Earner Performance, Productivity, Net Investment, Lockup, and more
  • Standard feature-rich visualizations make it easy to see your data come to life and quickly determine problem areas of the business. Spot trends and outliers and take action right from the report.
  • Benefit from strong foundational elements and get the majority of needed reports and dashboards out of the box

Data Warehouse Console Is the 3E Data Insights Foundation

  • Bring 3E and custom data together in one warehouse
  • Delivered with standard content that supports a self-service analytics model
  • Business analysts and other data savvy personas can clone and modify standard content to create firm-specific KPIs

Built on Microsoft Business Intelligence Technology

  • SQL Server database and replication technology manages, extracts, and transforms data from source systems
  • SQL Server Analysis Services loads data into high performance tabular models capable of exceedingly fast query response times
  • Tabular models provide a rich meta layer to map complex data relationships and deliver standard formats for uniform report design
  • A comprehensive community of experts familiar with Microsoft Power BI technology and a wealth of published knowledge support your agile development of new measures, KPIs and visualizations

Data Scientist Ready

  • A rich statistical language used by data scientists to build models to predict and improve the course of business processes is part of the Power BI product suite. Leverage published R visuals, or build your own with this open source platform.
  • Predictive analytics provide insights to help you run your business better using quick analytics and simple forecasting techniques

Power BI Desktop

  • Feature-rich on-premises report authoring tool offers quick and easy statistics to view performance
  • Drag-and-drop design canvas
  • Create and share stunning, impactful reports that communicate your message effectively
  • Connect SQL Server databases, Analysis Services models, and many other data sources to create interactive drillable reports to reveal insights into your data assets
  • Choose modern data visualizations out of the box, with more than 35 built-in visuals, including area, ribbon, scatter and waterfall charts; forecasts; chord and cluster graphs; word clouds; dot plots; and R visualizations Service

  • A cloud-based business analytics service
  • Embedded in 3E Workspace and available through 3E Workspace Mobile
  • Create dashboards using the visuals from Power BI Reports
  • Share secured insights across the organization
  • Use Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft that is built into the service to analyze changes in your data and look for the most likely scenario for data variations
  • Harness the power of the cloud (SaaS) products like and receive new features as soon as they are ready

Solutions According to Your Need

The business intelligence space is complex, and not one solution solves all of our clients' needs. 3E Data Insights and BI Marketplace are complementary offerings that provide a comprehensive scope of solutions to address client requirements in different capacities, based on each firm's reporting needs and desires. 3E Data Insights is a replacement for 3E Workspace visualizations and adds a data warehouse to the 3E Enterprise Business Management Solution. Data Insights will allow firms to build, store, and manage financial and performance statistics from 3E. The BI Marketplace is a robust ecosystem of established, partner-provided business intelligence products that offer a variety of custom reporting, visualization, automation, and security features. These partners have verified integrations with Elite products, ensuring the most seamless integration possible, and provide expertise and experience to help Elite clients expand their business intelligence capabilities.