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Tips and Tricks

The following are tips and tricks to help when using Elite software products.

Business Development Suite

How Can I Use Activities in Business Development Suite?

The Activities module is used to manage activity records for contacts and companies. Activities are associated with a contact in Contacts & Companies, Outlook Connector, and E-mail Marketing and include; Email Marketing, Job Change, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Email and more.

In addition to tracking known contact activities, you can create and share watchlists that alert recipients to new and upcoming activities for contacts and companies of particular interest.

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Versioning in MatterSphere Document Management

To see how many versions, and the history of one or all versions in MatterSphere Document Management you first need to select a document, and then click the 'Properties' button:

By selecting the 'Versions' tab, you can see how many versions of a document there are:

By selecting the 'History' tab, you can see the history of one or all the versions of that document:

Working with Offline Documents

When you are connected to MatterSphere and open a document, a copy is opened and saved on you PC/laptop. This is referred to as being cached.

If you need to work on a document away from the office, you can disconnect from MatterSphere and on saving it saves the cached document. You can then open and edit this cached document when you're not connected to MatterSphere.

On returning to the office when you connect to MatterSphere you will be prompted that you have offline documents, you can then open it and save it MatterSphere.

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How can I show only the Local segment (and hide GL Natural) to all users assigned to a unit?

Selecting the "Use Local Account" checkbox will only display the Local Segment for all users assigned to this Unit.


Can I Global Modify the Timekeeper Rate in Enterprise?

It is possible to globally change timekeeper rates by using an exact amount, a percentage or amount change, or a syncing rate (change a rate code to match another existing rate code).

It is also possible to globally change timekeeper accounting rates and standard rates.

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Design Gallery

How can a make a copy of a component?

Need to make a quick copy of a component? Simply right click on the component and choose "Copy Component".

You'll be prompted for a new filename and then it's saved. Quick and simple.


For more tips and tricks, visit the Knowledge Base at If you have a tip or trick you would like to see in upcoming issues or you were able to use one or more of the tips and tricks above, please contact Jillian Loustaunau.