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Exchange • Spring 2015 > Let the Experts Improve Your e-Billing Workflow through an eBillingHub Process Review

Coming Soon: eBillingHub Certification

We are excited to announce a new eBillingHub Certification Program for your firm. Through a series of online courses and exams, individuals can become certified in using eBillingHub, the leading legal Web-based e-billing solution.

The program is designed to improve the efficiency of your eBillingHub users in order to ensure your practice meets leading industry standards. The course schedule is flexible, giving individuals the ability to take the courses and exams at their own pace. Once certified, users are acknowledged as experts in eBillingHub and can provide guided internal training and recommend best practices for your billing processes.

Benefits of eBillingHub Certification

  • Enhances user experience and knowledge sharing
  • Helps your firm maintain best practices and process improvements
  • Provides value and efficiency for the employee and the firm
  • Gives early access to eBillingHub roadmap news
  • Provides priority access to the eBillingHub support team
  • Offers two advanced training sessions per year specific to your firm
  • Provides membership to beta groups and user groups dedicated to discussion recommendations for future product enhancements
  • Offers ongoing refresher training and educational classes

Stay tuned for the official launch on April 1.

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