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Enhance Usability with a New, Modern MatterSphere Interface

New user interface of MatterSphere V7.1

Matter management is made easier thanks to a cleaner, more simplified user interface.


  • New user interface with customizable navigation tree menus delivers a more intuitive and user friendly experience
  • New search functionality and customizations to the Admin Kit, including a My Favourites facility and a last 10 accessed list, help administrators find what they need more quickly
  • The ability to lock down features depending on the status of a client or matter increases accuracy and provides more clarity on your clients and matters

Woven into Microsoft Outlook®, Word®, and Excel®, MatterSphere from Thomson Reuters Elite helps you easily view and manage your day-to-day activities in a single, unified experience. With built-in workflows, it lets you manage your matters throughout their entire lifecycle and automates and standardizes manual processes. Now, in the newest release of MatterSphere, we've made your experience even better. With a new user interface and additional Admin Kit functionalities, you'll save time and increase efficiency throughout your organization.

When you begin using MatterSphere V7.1, you'll immediately notice a refreshed, cleaner user interface that looks more like Word. We've replaced the tabs with Navigation Tree menus at the left side of the screen. The tree menus can be pinned and unpinned, and they can be customized in the Admin Kit to group areas of functionality. In addition to the enhanced interface, we've made it easier to keep track of client relationships with the ability to link contacts together. Client statuses also have been introduced in V7.1 to help improve accuracy. Together, these enhancements offer additional efficiencies and increased control over your matters, providing better clarity around your business.

Other big enhancements to the latest version of MatterSphere are updates to the Admin Kit that provide more control and efficiency. Administrators can make customizations and take advantage of new search functionality to find what they need more quickly, such as a certain area of functionality. The customized My Favourites or Last 10 accessed lists enable you to quickly access frequently used functionality. Another feature now available to administrators allows them to make batch updates across multiple matter types. For instance, admins now can add or remove navigation from multiple matter types at once, rather than individually editing each matter. These tools give your staff the ability to boost productivity and improve efficiency across their day-to-day activities.

With MatterSphere, you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world's leaders in providing professional services firms with the most innovative of business solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, Thomson Reuters Elite has the proven expertise to make it happen for you.

MatterSphere v7.1 gives users more control with client statuses and bulk updating of matters.
MatterSphere v7.1 gives users more control with client statuses and bulk updating of matters.

MatterSphere V7.1 gives users more control with client statuses and bulk updating of matters.

MatterSphere 7.1 Highlights

New User Interface

  • Tabs have been replaced with Navigation Tree menus to the left of the screens, which can be pinned and unpinned
  • Navigation Trees can be customized in the Admin Kit to group areas of functionality
  • The Information Bar has changed to an Information Panel and has moved to the right of the screen and can be pinned and unpinned
  • Graphical icons have been removed and are now text buttons with the same function, creating a more simplified look
  • Background colors have changed to white to make buttons more prominent

Admin Kit Updates

  • Functionality is now accessed via customizable consoles and tree navigation
  • A My Favourites facility and Last 10 accessed list gives administrators quick access to areas of frequently used functionality
  • New Search facility allows you to quickly find an area of functionality in the Admin Kit
  • Ability to update multiple configurable types at the same time has been added

Client and Matter Statuses

  • There is now a Client Status field on the Client Details screen
  • Both client and matter statuses can now control what can and can't be recorded against them
  • Client statuses can control creating and editing of Time Recording records and the creation of matters
  • Matter status can control creating and editing of Time Recording records, creating and editing documents, creating appointments, creating associates, and processing task flow tasks and stages
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