Enhance Business Development for Your Organization with 3E Business Development Data Engine

Enterprise Relationship Management for Today’s Leading Firms

Managing relationships effectively has a big impact on your firm’s business development and marketing success—and ultimately, on your bottom line. Now you can unlock the full potential of your firm’s relationships by leveraging the hidden contacts you already have, transforming them into warm leads that open doors to new revenue, and jump-starting your marketing ROI.

Relationship Strength Analytics

Relationship Strength Analytics

3E Business Development Data Engine can make it happen. With built-in analysis capabilities, 3E Business Development Data Engine seeks out and reveals client and prospect relationships throughout your organization. The results show you the strength of each contact so you can see whom you know—and how well you know them. This way, you can leverage game-changing relationship intelligence to win new business and grow your current clients into bigger clients.

Boost Business Development and Sales

Cultivate and maximize new business development and sales opportunities at your professional services firm by automatically gathering accurate and targeted data to qualify and prioritize your prospects using the 3E Business Development Data Engine scoring system.

Automatically Capture and Leverage Relationships

Your partners and executives have some of the most valuable relationships, but a high percentage of that data never makes it into your CRM system. Automatically capture and leverage that information with the 3E Business Development Data Engine.

Supercharge Marketing ROI

Uncover the hidden relationships your people already have with your customers and prospects and strategically leverage this insight in your marketing efforts. We know working with an up-to-date list is important to your organization’s marketing success. 3E Business Development Data Engine gives you confidence you’re working with the most recent, relevant information when sending communications to your clients and prospects about events and when distributing newsletters, white papers, and more.

Enhance Intelligence to Grow Your Business

Analyze and measure customer relationships and market opportunity by setting up automated reports to analyze activity with key clients, assess satisfaction and attention needs of clients and prospects, or determine trends and uncover opportunities by industries and geographies.  It automatically finds and updates company and contact information from multiple sources, including email patterns, calendars, signatures, and address books.

Uncover Hidden Relationships

3E Business Development Data Engine can find 3 to 5 times more of your firm’s contacts and automatically captures relationship data by monitoring multiple data sources (each optional) and applying advanced network analytics.

Reporting and Analysis

Automated reports can be distributed to key stakeholders that display how relationships are growing and trending. Reports can be presented across customizable sets of industry groups, geographic regions, market and revenue trend information, and prospect lists.

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Business Development Premier

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