Future-proof Technology Delivers Unlimited Agility and Profitability

In order to respond to changing client needs and adapt to business and technology requirements, you need cutting-edge technology without limitations. 3E delivers.

With a sophisticated architecture, 3E offers the flexibility you need to drive operational efficiency and grow with your firm. Built entirely on Microsoft .NET, 3E makes it easy to incorporate new offices and new fee earners, close the month in hours instead of days, and easily track and manage activity on a multi-office, global scale.

3E Workspace – A New Way to Work
3E Workspace combines the information and functionality you rely on to accomplish your everyday activities in one unified place. You get the flexibility you need to access key insights and perform tasks from your desktop or a mobile device when and where you need to.

3E Workspace Mobile – Access 3E from Anywhere and at Any Time
3E Workspace Mobile keeps your business moving with the functionality you need in the palm of your hand. Get on-the-go access to business-critical data, enter time from anywhere, and view client information right when you need it.

3E Templates – Automate and Transform Your Data
Turn your back-end data into usable business documents. 3E Templates takes your data from 3E and other host systems and transforms the content into a variety of output formats for automatic distribution via print, email, file locations, or document management systems.

Workflow and Collaboration – Automate Core Business Processes with Built-in Collaboration and Rules-based Workflow

  • Streamline your firm’s core business processes from end-to-end with a rules-based workflow engine that makes every transaction and data capture page in 3E workflow-enabled
  • Standardize and automate procedures to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal firm policies
  • Create an unlimited number and variety of processes, such as new client or matter intake, client invoice generation, purchase authorization, and more
  • Streamline communications and shorten business cycles with collaboration capabilities that let users gather input, get consensus, and share information, all within the framework of the 3E software

Integration Management – Connect to Third Party Systems and Simplify Business Processes with Minimum Disruption

  • Get real-time integration when and where it’s needed with state-of-the-art service oriented architecture
  • Integrate third party applications to collaborate with the 3E platform
  • Configure, extend, and optimize the solution to meet your unique requirements
  • Embed your own processes within 3E applications, add or modify screens, create new database table or columns, change business logic and leverage built-in libraries
  • Streamline communications and approval procedures to standardize and automate critical business processes with collaboration tools