Conduct Business Securely with 3E Risk Management

From external regulations to legal ethics to siloed information and internal processes, your firm faces a variety of risks every day. 3E Risk Management can help mitigate these risks so you can conduct your business with safety and security in an ever-changing world. With the latest technology for managing business intake, conflicts of interest, ethical walls, compliance, and other risk concerns, your firm and your clients are protected from risk.

More and more firms rely on data housed in several different locations, a situation that makes it a priority to effectively manage data and mitigate the risks that come with siloed information. 3E provides conflicts checking and records management to help you reduce these risks. In addition, the Integrated Development Environment lets you easily configure 3E functionality to comply with internal policies or external regulations.

Conflicts Management

Avoid malpractice situations and conflicts of interest. 3E Conflicts Management capabilities help you evaluate and accept new business with confidence and greatly reduce new business intake risks. These capabilities are tightly integrated with the 3E Financial Management features, broadening the search field and ensuring a thorough conflicts search. Using the same powerful search engine technology used in the Westlaw® Novus search engine, you can be confident in a search process that gives you comprehensive and intuitive results that are automatically sorted to highlight the highest probabilities of conflicts.

New Business Intake

Identify and avoid conflicts of interest and accept new business with confidence. The 3E Risk Management technology offers a flexible and configurable new business intake workflow that allows for paperless, hard copy, or combined processes. Choose to use the full range of tools or employ a subset of processes to meet your requirements. The new business intake process provides a single point of entry for all new business information from initial intake through conflict search, review, approval, and creation of the new matter.

Records Management

Automate and standardize file creation, tracking, and review to improve efficiency, speed information access, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. 3E Records Management capabilities eliminate the need to manually enter single records and match your firm’s unique requirements and processes. In-depth tracking, auditing, and inventory features, as well as a robust role-based security infrastructure, allow you to maintain control over the entire file circulation, retention, and disposition processes.