Efficiency Tools: Stay on Track with Tasks and Actions

Case Management and Workflow

Build workflows, access controls, generate reports, set reminders, and much more.

  • Build smart collaborative workflows, access controls, generate reports, and manage customer relations with an easily configurable Windows Workflow interface
  • Create procedures that track key events and dates, set reminders and review prompts, and tag events with heightened importance
  • Simplify task creation and monitoring by management
  • Set up plans for task completion for each milestone and ensure that they are
    completed with a consistent process


Automate task assignment and track completion as processes conclude and new actions begin.

MatterSphere integrated with Enterprise and 3E

Financial Management System Integration

Integrate 3E MatterSphere and your financial solution for a full office suite.

  • View information from your financial management system within 3E MatterSphere
  • Speed up everyday processes, such as time recording, in both portal and mobile environments
  • Increase efficiency and reduce redundancy with the easily navigable Command Center, which clearly displays 3E and Enterprise insight content as well as Aderant Expert
  • Overcome the challenges of siloed data by providing real-time back office financial and reporting data to the front office
  • Simplify access with a single login through 3E MatterSphere, gaining instant access to time and billing information
  • Quickly create invoices and reports in 3E and save them using 3E Templates to the 3E MatterSphere Document Management System against the corresponding file or matter

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Empower users to access content from any location and keep client and matter information at your lawyers’ fingertips.

  • Enable users to access documents on the go, so they can work wherever they are
  • Prepare lawyers for meetings with all of the client and matter management information and up-to-the-minute insights in hand
  • Access documents via 3E Workspace
  • View matter management, financial management, and business development insights in a single place using 3E Workspace

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