Document Management and Assembly: Streamline the Creation, Management, and Storage of Documents

MatterSphere Document Tab

Access to case documents can be provided to the client through the Documents tab in the Matter Details window.

Document Management

Control all of your documents from one central location.

  • Get version control, document automation, time recording, enterprise document search, and more
  • Provide a client, contact, and matter-focused view that allows access and organization for a variety of matter-related items—all in one central location
  • Take advantage of full version control, check-in/check-out, and security
  • Preview and compare multiple copies of documents for quick editing
  • Integrate with major third party document management systems, further automating document workflow and enabling the firm to seamlessly leverage existing system investments

What Law Firms Want

“We need to provide our lawyers with document management software they will use.”

– Managing Partner

“The capability must be able to integrate with our existing document management system.”

– Executive

Document Assembly

Automate document creation within Microsoft Outlook®, Word, and Excel®.

  • Allow users to automatically create documents, emails, PDFs, and spreadsheets based on contact and case information
  • Produce standard templates for the production of documents, paragraphs, and clauses that help increase the accuracy of finished documents and lower the response time from event to output
  • Select from default templates used by the core system, such as letterhead used for general or contractual correspondence, email, and note templates
  • Automatically capture time for the creation of documents and emails in a time-saving and profit-generating way

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