Despite 93% of law firm leaders thinking improved practice efficiency is a trend
Only 44% of law firms have significantly changed their strategic approach to efficiency

3E MatterSphere: A Powerful Way to Efficiently Manage Matters

97% of firms bill at least some work on a basis

Is delivering consistent legal service a challenge in your business? How do you maintain quality of high margin work? How do you lower your costs on routine work? Over the last several years, there has been a dramatic shift in legal services delivery. Clients are demanding more for their money, AFAs are on the rise, and delivering work at a profit is a must! To be successful in this evolving market, firms need tools to increase their efficiency and ensure high quality work product.

3E MatterSphere can give your firm the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

MatterSphere Overview

See how 3E MatterSphere can transform the way your lawyers work.

Transform the Way Your Lawyers Work

3E MatterSphere ensures consistent, repeatable matter workflow processes that keep your teams working productively and profitably. 3E MatterSphere transforms matter management operations from end to end by providing a single, unified way to view and manage day-to-day activities, including clients, matters, workloads, tasks, and critical dates as well as all related documents, reference materials, and reports.

Accessed within the familiar Microsoft® Office® environment, 3E MatterSphere offers:

Client & Matter Management
Document Management
Efficiency Tools
Extensibility Tools


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