Unlock the full power of a complete enterprise business management solution

Increase efficiency with a one-stop shop for lawyers

Today, you spend too much time switching from system to system to manage different business activities, which takes time away from practicing law. 3E Workspace is the first solution to help you expedite business processes by putting all business management functionality – from time and revenue management to client and matter management – into one intuitive view.

Workspace Overview

View critical data in one place

With 3E Workspace, you can view financial management, matter management, and business development insights in a single place. Whether you’re a lawyer, manager, or executive, you can get persona-based financial analytics, including performance measures and actionable insights right at your fingertips. You’ll find it easy to develop new business with the ability to access business development information on the go. Get a full 360° view of your client or prospect relationship in an instant. In addition, robust time entry and management features offer the tools you need to save time and meet your unique business needs.

Gain flexibility from powerful mobile capabilities

You need productivity tools for your desktop, but you also need access to key information and features on-the-go. To help you work the way you need to work, 3E Workspace provides you with instant access to key performance indicators and client information directly on your mobile device, so you can walk into meetings fully prepared with up-to-the minute insights.


Reduce complexity and costs with a common platform

3E Workspace is made possible by the Elite Integration Framework (EIF), which delivers a common technology platform for all key business systems. Now CIOs can reduce costly point integrations between systems, and lawyers can access all key business management functionality and information from one location.