3E Lawyer Experience

Giving lawyers the productivity tools they need to deliver greater efficiency to clients

Today’s lawyers need to be more engaged with their clients, and they need to deliver better and more efficient value. That’s what the 3E Lawyer Experience is all about. It provides productivity tools that are built to work the way lawyers work so they can deliver the best legal service in the most cost-effective way.

The Lawyer Experience encompasses the tools to make it easy for lawyers to access financial insights, enter time while on the go, view company and contact intelligence, and access all matter-related information from virtually anywhere. Connect lawyers to the systems and tools they need to efficiently complete daily tasks from every possible environment: in the office, on mobile devices, and on the web.

  • 3E Data Insights - Gives you a powerful new way to transform, analyze, and visualize your data. Works with 3E Workspace to provide actionable metrics that drive behavior.
  • 3E Workspace – Offers lawyers a new way to work. 3E Workspace lets lawyers access the information and functionality they rely on to accomplish everyday tasks, accessible from their browser.
  • 3E Workspace Mobile – Allows lawyers who are on the go to use 3E Business Development and 3E MatterSphere remotely via their mobile device.
  • 3E MatterSphere – Provides a Microsoft Office-based experience where lawyers can do their work on a day-to-day basis. Using 3E MatterSphere, lawyers can access task flows, client, matter, and document management, and more. Persona-based financial analytics provide performance measures and actionable insights to individuals, managers, and executives.



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