Plan and React with Confidence

Does your firm have the necessary information it needs to make critical business decisions? Or is your firm grappling with out-of-date data in multiple systems? Budgeting and Forecasting gives you the visibility you need, so you can confidently plan and review firm productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Budgeting and Forecasting is a web- and Microsoft Excel-based solution for budgeting and forecasting of operating expenses, fee earner revenue, fee earner compensation, and capital expenditures. Top-down budgeting and forecasting lets you push global assumptions from a firm-wide level down to the individual fee earners. In turn, Budgeting and Forecasting allows you to build your budget and forecasts from the lowest level of detail, including the fee earner and GL level, directly in the familiar Excel environment.

Budgeting and Forecasting is integrated into 3E and Enterprise and quickly plugs into human resources and payroll systems to provide a standard process that helps eliminate errors, instantly correct issues, and save time. With its modular design, you can start anywhere—including budgeting, forecasting, reporting, long-range planning, analysis, and modeling—to create your perfect solution.

  • Track if your firm is on-budget with real-time insights that boost budget intelligence and protect profits
  • Reduce implementation time by up to 50% by using pre-configured worksheets and reports designed for law firms
  • Skyrocket efficiency and accuracy with an automated system tailored for finance