Automate Your Proforma Distribution and Mark-up Procedures

Today’s lawyers need to be able to approve proformas as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can move on to the needs of their clients. That means they need a proforma software that can work seamlessly within their financial management system. 3E Paperless Proforma does just that. Fully integrated within 3E Workspace, Paperless Proforma helps lawyers reduce the chance of human error, speed the pre-billing process, and get invoices out the door faster.

An intuitive, browser-based pre-bill distribution and mark-up solution, Paperless Proforma provides sophisticated auditing, tracking, filtering, and reporting capabilities. Now you can monitor the pre-bill process with at-a-glance viewing of fee earner productivity and report status. View top-level statistics on open, submitted, and archived pre-bills to stay on top of productivity and profitability across the entire firm. In addition, the web-based interface lets on-the-go lawyers make changes online and send them back to accounting instantly.

  • Streamline and expedite the review process for improved cash flow
  • Reduce paper usage and costs within the pre-bill workflow
  • Increase productivity with filtering, reporting, and scenario calculations features
  • Review proformas securely while out of the office without transporting confidential, printed documents
  • Expand visibility of productivity and profitability with a wide range of pre-built reports for managerial review and analysis