Budget and Price Matters with Confidence

When pricing and budgeting matters, inaccurate estimates and inconsistent processes can add layers of confusion and put profitability at risk. 3E Matter Pricing helps you accurately budget, confidently plan, and closely monitor matter financials, providing valuable insights into costs and resourcing while increasing your firm’s profitability and revenue.

Cloud-based and user-friendly, Matter Pricing integrates seamlessly with 3E, the leading enterprise business management system for law firms. Matter Pricing extracts relevant financial data such as fee earners, rates, and billing information allowing lawyers and pricing professionals to price different scenarios and manage matter financials. With 3E Matter Pricing, you and your law firm can accelerate budget management, enhance decision making, and move ahead into a more profitable future.

  • Accelerate prices and budget creation with more than 50 out-of-the-box Thomson Reuters Matter Maps
  • Realistically price matters with lawyer-friendly software for pricing, budget to actuals management, and analytics
  • Compare different budget options, including fixed fee, with extended “what if” scenarios
  • Track profitability as well as revenue
  • Easily view results with data visualizations

Our pricing solution. Your firm advantage.

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