Improve Your Firm’s Business Development and Marketing with 3E Business Development

A Revolutionary Solution Designed with the Marketer and Business Developer in Mind

Firms today have outgrown traditional business development technologies, and mere networking is no longer enough. Today, you need a solid plan and the technology to support it. 3E Business Development delivers. With better workflows and more accurate data, we give you the tools you need to increase business. In fact, our solution meets the needs of marketers and business developers better than anything else on the market. Here’s why:

Strategies for Evolving CRM Systems

See what improvements you can make to your CRM

See what improvements you can make to your CRM.


Radical CRM Automation

Dramatically faster CRM implementation comes from technology that automatically uncovers and deduplicates client data from address books, email traffic patterns, calendars, and CRM data, with no data entry required.

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More Data, Less Effort

Technology allows us to communicate more quickly than ever, but very seldom do people take time to add their new contacts to the database. As a result, more than 60% of the firm’s contacts are never added to the firm’s database. 3E Business Development uncovers those contacts and can automatically add them.

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Enhances Data

3E Business Development goes beyond an email address to provide a more complete profile, including name, title, and more—with automatic updates when anything changes. It also adds company profile information from Thomson Reuters and competitive intelligence from Monitor Suite*. 3E Business Development provides you with unsurpassed information assets. Leverage client and matter data, including related practice areas and industries in your CRM workflows.


Campaign Cycle

Next-Level Marketing

Leverage your firm’s two best assets, relationships and experience, to drive value in your marketing campaigns. Showcase your marketing team’s efforts by measuring results through the entire marketing life cycle, including planning, engagement, and conversion.

Maximize Collective Knowledge and Talents

Powerful, yet easy search capabilities let your marketers and business developers store, manage, and use all of your firm’s valuable experience data for business development initiatives, including pitches, website publishing, newsletters, and advertisements.

See what improvements you can make to your CRM

Unprecedented Access

Access company, contact, and firm relationship data and manage list sponsorship from 3E Business Development on your mobile devices.

* Separate subscription to Thomson Reuters Monitor Suite required.