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How Cloud Technology Will Drive Innovation at Law Firms

Learn how cloud has the potential to drive innovation at law firms at a pace never seen before, from artificial intelligence, to voice commands, to other advancements that will reshape the way the business of law is managed.

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“2018 State of Corporate Law Departments” Report: Modern Law Departments Taking More Proactive Stance

What should law firms know about how corporate law departments are evolving? Find out in the first-ever annual report on corporate law departments from Thomson Reuters and Acritas.

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Managing Matters with Your Voice

Voice-controlled technology has increasing potential to power the way law firms manage matters, as shown by the 3E Workspace Assistant Alexa application.

By: Gretchen DeSutter in Legal Current

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Is the Cloud More Secure than You Think?

Experts from Microsoft and Thomson Reuters share key reasons why the cloud offers far more extensive security than any law firm could provide on its own.

By: Legal Executive Institute

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Five Things Law Firms Should Know About the Cloud

An Azure Cloud Solutions Architect from Microsoft describes top considerations for law firms looking at moving new technologies to the cloud.

By: Rick Weyenberg, Azure Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft Corporation in Legal Current

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Increasingly Cloudy—Law Firms Continue the Flight into the Storage Heavens and What the Future Holds

Cloud usage is picking up across law firms—find out what is driving more firms to the cloud, and learn how the rate of adoption has changed recently.

By: Joseph Raczynski, Legal Technologist/Futurist at Thomson Reuters Legal at Legal Executive Institute

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Protector or Protagonist? Law Firm Technology, Cyber Security, and the Move to Cloud

2017 research and feedback from IT leaders show how law firms are approaching cyber security and cloud security.


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