Minter Ellison

“We saw the potential range of benefits that an integrated platform of marketing tools would deliver and strongly believed that there would be a faster and more coordinated delivery of client services through Business Development's integrated suite of solutions and single database approach.”
— Peter Westerveld, Director of Technology

Gardiner Roberts LLP

“3E provides a solid, flexible framework, backed by the reliable, ongoing support we needed to make our goals a reality.”
— Mary Fraizinger, Chief Financial Officer (Canada)

Public Counsel

“Our service delivery model relies on a close relationship with volunteers, and ProLaw serves as our front line means of tracking communication with them.”
— Hernán Vera, President and CEO

Phillips Law LLC

“Since implementing ProLaw XII, our productivity and billable time have increased substantially. ProLaw makes it easy to capture every aspect of time spent on each activity—from initial phone calls to follow up emails. Those activities would be difficult to capture without ProLaw.”
— Krisztina Phillips, Business Manager

Town Pump Inc.

“We had hoped that the Business Process Review would uncover a better way to make the solution work for us. It turned out that ProLaw already had everything we needed and more.”
— Wyman Paul, Associate Counsel

Valentine Law Group APC

"Being able to find the exact item we need without any extra time consumed is critical to the success of our firm. Ultimately, ProLaw is incredibly useful in helping our firm be more productive at the end of each day.”
— Jennifer Turner, Associate Lawyer

Wedlake Bell

"The combination of MatterSphere's breadth of functionality as well as its modular approach is perfect."
— Linda Webster, Head of IT

Kingsley Napley

"The decision to purchase MatterSphere was an easy one because it dramatically improved our ability to serve clients and delivered a quick return on investment."
— Laura Brown, IT Development Manager

Morgan Cole Solicitors

"With MatterSphere, we're confident that we will have the flexibility and efficiency we've been looking for to manage business content and processes firm wide."
— Jeff Wright, Partner & Information and Technology Director

Bartier Perry

“Envision enables us to make informed decisions through the availability of real-time data and minimises the time needed to perform a number of our administrative tasks, freeing us to focus on delivering greater outcomes for our clients.”
— Luke Stevens, Chief Executive Officer

Watson Burton LLP

“Within the first fortnight of going live with Envision we had around 99 percent of fee earners live and electronically time recording.”
— Jonathan Smith, IT Manager

Pemberton Greenish

“We have confidence in Envision in that the figures and information it holds are correct. This has aided our efficiency and ways of working.”
— Michael Kinnear, IT Manager

Lupton Fawcett LLP

“Having over 10.5 million records and some 180,000 contacts to convert was a major test of both our and Envision’s resources but we got there with little downtime.”
— Asif Dabhad, Business Analyst and Project Manager

Pannone LLP

“We are impressed with the depth of Envision’s core competencies and its ability to address non-standard functionality with its flexible design. Our users like the web interface and the system’s ease of use.”
— Luigi Salzano, Sr. Systems Development Mgr.

Enoch Evans

“We were able to achieve a smooth transition from systems that had been in use for over 20 years. Our firm is now enjoying the benefits of using the sophisticated tools Envision provides, all supported by a single database.”
— David Evans, Managing Director

Mourant Ozannes

"It's good to have a market-leading product like 3E that can grow with us for the next 20 years."
— Peter Pichler, COO

McKool Smith

"Faster reporting, easier budgeting and a tighter rein on costs are the ways that 3E helps us serve clients better."
— Steve Bassinger, Director of Accounting

Lewis Silkin

"With 3E, we easily provide real-time business intelligence throughout the firm so our people can operate at the highest level to achieve positive outcomes for our clients."
— Edward Gordon-Hall, Director of Finance & Administration

Hesketh Henry

"We saw the implementation of 3E as an opportunity to maximize technology and perform at a higher level."
— Erich Bachmann, Managing Partner

Hannes Snellman

“The system needs to support the business and it’s kind of difficult to see any other solution that could help us as much as 3E.”
— Jussi Hirvelä, Head of IT


"For the first time, we could have almost limitless customization ability with our software. 3E was the wagon we wanted to be hitched to."
— Mark Burt, Accounting Manager

Allen & Overy

"We wanted a system like 3E that could grow with the firm, with everyone on the same platform, subject to the same controls, accessing the same relevant information."
— Brian Dunlop, Chief Financial Officer, London

Al Tamimi & Company

"We set out to gain more knowledge about our business and 3E has definitely helped us achieve that."
— Kevin Hall, General Manager