ProLaw Works for I.T. Specialists

“I like proven technology that’s easy to use on the .NET platform. These people really know what they’re doing.”

Law Firm Software that Offers Effortless Integration and Ease of Use

You’re in charge of IT, and you want best-of-breed applications that work together and use proven technology like Microsoft SQL. As the nation’s leading law practice management software, ProLaw delivers on the .NET platform – the standard for interoperability of Microsoft applications. With its power, you can confidently, efficiently, and effectively run the firm.

Advantages for I.T. Specialists

  • Seamlessly integrate with the rest of your applications
  • Be assured with a proven track record of stability and support
  • Run efficiently with industry-standard technology
  • Bring everyone up to speed on ProLaw quickly as it fits seamlessly with the Microsoft applications they use throughout the day and can be accessed from mobile devices with ProLaw Mobile

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