Government Solutions

ProLaw for Government Agencies

Legal professionals in the public sector are continuously challenged. Limited budgets and high volume caseloads require professionals to do more with fewer resources. Now more than ever, government agencies need innovative methods to automate work processes, reuse knowledge, eliminate rework, and reduce administrative overhead. To meet these challenges, you need a robust, software solution that keeps everyone on the same page while delivering more value to your organization on a limited budget.

Manage Efficiently to Deliver Greater Value

The ProLaw software suite provides a fully integrated case and matter management solution that helps government agencies organize and automate their legal work and increase productivity. As part of Thomson Reuters Elite’s enterprise business management solution, ProLaw is designed to work the way legal professionals work. Having intuitive integration with popular desktop applications and legal research tools used by government agencies, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing high quality legal counsel to your company.

A robust software solution that truly integrates your case and matter management activity is critical to your entire team. Not only does it provide all the critical information you need in one convenient location for your whole office to share, but it provides best of breed applications that all work together. In addition, convenient and easy mobile access keeps your pulse on current activity from anywhere, at any time.

With our proven implementation process tailored to your specific needs, you will get up and running quickly and smoothly. So you can immediately maximize efficiency and productivity to succeed amongst today’s challenges.

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