Records Management

Safeguard Critical Data and Reduce Compliance Risk

Proper maintenance of your files is critical to your firm’s risk mitigation efforts. ProLaw’s records management capabilities reduce legal, regulatory, and compliance risks and help you efficiently manage and safeguard your physical files.

ProLaw’s records management capabilities ensure your firm has the proper plans in place for storage, retrieval, and disposition of files. You can efficiently manage your physical file inventory with automated recordkeeping capabilities that easily track the status, history, location, and who accessed the files. The system tracks both on- and off-site locations to minimize the risk of misplacing critical files.

Files can be imported quickly and accurately into ProLaw with bar code scanning. The convenient check-in and check-out functionality automates the circulation process and provides immediate information on the status of any document in the system. You can also match electronic records to physical files in the system so that documents can be viewed online, without having to request the physical file. By putting these tools to work, you can easily access and maintain records while protecting your firm from unnecessary risk.

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