Capture Real-time Data on All Firm Activities

Knowing what’s happening in all corners of your firm is vital to managing expenses and improving productivity. Imagine seeing in real time the specifics of case/client profitability, staff efficiency, billings, deadline adherence, and more. ProLaw reporting and business intelligence tools make it easy to get information on all practice activities and analyze the data quickly in standard and customized reports, including reports tailored to management.

When you need more sophisticated reporting, the optional add-on Report Bundles provide a deeper look into all areas of your firm. View productivity metrics, monitor how efficiently you’re operating, get more comprehensive views of financials, and see quick, at-a-glance views of key client and practice area information.

For an even greater advantage, ProLaw firms can utilize BIPro which seamlessly integrates with ProLaw to provide a financial analysis dashboard using easy-to-read color-coded charts. BIPro offers the unique ability, based on security settings, to change views from firm-wide to originating or working lawyer, as well as define results by area of law.

  • See in real time what’s happening with staff efficiency, deadline management, and cash flow
  • View details and change parameters on the fly
  • Interpret and present information using charts and graphs
  • Customize reports for desired content and format, or use an array of standard reports
  • Create and edit reports with the ability to drag and drop information from all areas of ProLaw
  • View data in easy-to-read, color-coded, and interactive charts that display additional detail and include drill-down options directly into ProLaw
  • Simplify and enhance reporting with a visualized dashboard and customized views
  • Change views from firm-wide to originating or working attorney based on detailed user security levels
  • View key reports including, real-time WIP, real-time A/R, billing vs. projection, cash receipts, client advances, new business, and client distribution



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