Get Real-time Insight into Every Aspect of Your Practice

Having instant access to what is happening in all corners of your firm is key to improving profitability. ProLaw’s reporting tools capture information on all practice activities, so you can analyze data quickly in standard and customized reports. Using charts and graphs, you can see in real time the specifics on case/client profitability, staff efficiency, billings, deadline adherence, A/R aging, and cash flow.

Our reporting tools give you the flexibility you need to customize report parameters on the fly. Link instantly to related information and drill down for further details with interactive reports. Easily export data to a variety of reporting formats, including Word, XML, CVS, MHTML, Acrobat PDF, and Tiff.

ProLaw Report Bundles

For more sophisticated reporting, the optional add-on Report Bundles provide a deeper look into all areas of your firm. View productivity metrics such as top clients in a variety of ways, monitor how efficiently you’re operating by showing WIP and A/R in a single report, get a more comprehensive view of financials, and see quick, at-a-glance views of key client and practice area information. And, with user-controlled data in your charts, present the information in a variety of formats.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

ProLaw firms also have the advantage of utilizing BIPro, which integrates seamlessly with ProLaw Back Office to provide a financial analysis dashboard using easy to read color-coded charts. BIPro offers the unique ability, based on security settings, to change views from firm-wide to originating or working attorney, as well as define results by area of law. Developed by Advanced Legal, BIPro was designed to provide visibility into firm financials and allow decision makers to spend more time taking action, and less time interpreting reports. BIPro also includes SSRS reports with new releases adding to the already robust BIPro SSRS library.

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