Additional Offerings

Enhance the functionality of ProLaw with the addition of innovative solutions for credit card processing, electronic billing, legal calendaring, legal research, and more.

BIPro - Integrates seamlessly with ProLaw Back Office to provide a visual financial dashboard detailing seven KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) critical to firm performance. BIPro enables firm managers to zero in on actionable information to improve professional and firm profitability. Developed by Advanced Legal, BIPro was designed to provide visibility into firm financials and allow decision makers to spend more time taking action, and less time interpreting reports.

ClientPay for ProLaw – Improves client relations by accepting credit cards for payment, without the time-consuming and cumbersome processes usually associated with processing credit cards. ClientPay for ProLaw, powered by BankCard Services Worldwide provides credit card processing that integrates with ProLaw.

eBillingHub – Provides a predictable and dependable Web-based e-billing solution to manage critical aspects of the e-billing process in a much more efficient and simpler way than the manual steps most firms endure today.

Westlaw Legal Calendaring Rules – Provides a comprehensive legal calendaring solution when combined with the powerful docketing and case management capabilities available in ProLaw. By utilizing the extensive legal content expertise of Thomson Reuters, clients can expect more rules sets and the most technologically advanced solution available.

Litigation Court Rules – Available for hundreds of jurisdictions, including federal, state, appellate and bankruptcy.

Intellectual Property – Rules range from Patent to Trademark to Copyright to Domain Name Dispute resolution, and are offered for more than 100 nations and treaty organizations.

Westlaw Litigator Integration – Speeds legal research.

Westlaw QuickView+ – Tracks Westlaw usage and creates cost transactions that can be easily billed back to clients.

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