Microsoft Outlook and Office Integration

Benefit from ProLaw’s Tight Integration with Microsoft Applications

Lawyers spend the majority of their time working in Microsoft Outlook and Word, not their law practice management software. Because of this, ProLaw is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite of products. This tight integration lets staff work in the programs they’re most comfortable with, while firms get the benefit of having all of the information in one place.

With a direct connection to Outlook, you can view matter information, read documents and event information from Outlook, and link directly to ProLaw for easy editing. Save emails and attachments to relevant matters directly from Outlook, and with just one click, your entire team can access them in ProLaw. In addition, gain more billable hours with automatic pop-ups that prompt time capture from Outlook, Word, and other desktop applications. By offering these features in the systems that lawyers use most on a day-to-day basis, you can truly automate your workflow and increase productivity and efficiency.

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