Invoice Management

Get the Flexibility You Need to Conquer Today’s Invoicing Challenges

ProLaw provides the automation and flexibility you need to achieve better billing practices and a stronger bottom line.  Streamlined bill processing allows you to produce timely and accurate invoices for print or electronic distribution and supports electronic billing with standard formats such as LEDES.  Customize invoices using built-in formats with drag-and-drop ease. Clients will appreciate the personalization and your ability to meet their demands, and you will benefit from improved working relationships.

ProLaw’s invoice management tools let you meet traditional billing arrangements such as hourly or flat fee, but also let you accommodate alternative fee arrangements. And, with the ability to automatically split billable hours and expenses across multiple matters, your staff will save countless hours of manual data entry. We give you faster, more efficient, and more accurate billing resulting in a faster work-to-cash cycle and ultimately increased revenue.

Key Features

Get the flexibility you need to meet both your clients’ and the firm’s needs with highly configurable billing setup of rate levels, rate overrides, billing frequencies, and more.

  • Schedule billing statement and report generations with ease
  • Set up flat-fee billing for an entire matter or specific activities in a matter; assign hours to the appropriate activity
  • Support for periodic retainers and flat fee billing
  • Automatic creation of interest and tax transactions
  • Task based billing, with automatic reminders to assign tasks from predefined task lists
  • Set up matter budgets for fees, hard costs or soft costs by month, quarter or year
  • Improve client relationships by continually monitoring fees and costs spent

Eliminate the possibility of errors and ensure bills are accurate before printing with pre-invoice generation and editing tools.

  • Mass edit features, such as for write up/down, transfer, hold, hide, no-bill, split
  • Pre-bills/statements log file
  • Automatic write-down and holds of fees or costs by matter
  • Fees and costs roll-up into summary paragraphs

Create clear and attractive invoices at the client or matter level for print or electronic distribution.

  • Customize invoices using built-in formats and drag and drop customization
  • Improve client relations by applying customized formats to satisfy clients’ unique billing needs
  • Client or matter level statements
  • Capability to include copies of hard cost invoices when generating client statements

Save staff resources and time as you create professional, high quality bills for electronic distribution using industry standard formats such as LEDES. For more powerful e-billing capabilities, eBillingHub integrates with ProLaw to offer a predictable and dependable Web-based solution to manage critical aspects of the e-billing process in a much more efficient and simpler way than the manual steps most firms endure today.

Streamline your billing process via innovative transaction and reporting capabilities.

  • Analyze business with powerful billing analysis capabilities and reports
  • Transaction period reports
  • Optional Report Bundles provide more comprehensive views and metrics for detailed monitoring and analysis

Improve client relations by accepting credit cards for payment, without the time-consuming and cumbersome processes usually associated with processing credit cards. ClientPay for ProLaw, powered by BankCard Services Worldwide provides credit card processing that integrates with ProLaw.

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