Time and Expense Management

Increase Revenues by Capturing More Billable Time and Expenses

Successful law firms know that the accurate tracking of expenses and billable hours is a necessity to drive increased profitability. ProLaw’s built-in time and expense tracking tools help you streamline the capture of daily activities to increase billable hours and recoup client costs.

Key Features

ProLaw Mobile lets you stay connected, increase your efficiency and capture more billable hours on the go. You can easily record time and access other ProLaw features with just a simple finger swipe on your iPad.

ProLaw automatically captures billable time from key applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat and Reader. As lawyers work in these familiar programs, pop-ups prompt them to submit time as they work on billable projects. Time entries are then automatically created directly from these programs.

ProLaw’s flexible and convenient timers record time on matters as you work. Actual time is converted automatically into appropriate units at the point of posting. Set up as many time clocks as desired on your desktop. Switching from clock to clock automatically minimizes and pauses timers not in use. Return to any clock to record additional time.

Quickly complete daily time sheets using ProLaw’s time sheet function. Input screens show a listing of your recently used matters and activity codes. Standard narratives are completed automatically and can be supplemented with additional information. Staff can also easily convert activities or events into time entries and view billable and admin time through easy-to-read full calendar views.

ProLaw provides sophisticated expense tracking features.  The system can track invoices or hard-cost receipts for items such as travel, expert witnesses, and court fees. The ability to set default prices for expense types speeds data entry. Additionally, the convenient, dashboard check request form for expenses automatically creates an accounts payable record.  And using ProLaw’s cost recovery tools, firms can import soft costs from office equipment and legal research into ProLaw for proper cost billing.

By taking advantage of these time and expense tracking capabilities, you’ll be on the road to greater profitability by maximizing your firm’s billings and revenues.

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