Contingency Analysis and Disposition

Successfully Navigate Settlement of Contingency Cases

Handling a case on a contingency basis presents a set of challenges that are not customary to traditional cases, such as special accounting requirements. ProLaw’s comprehensive financial management system helps you continually monitor, calculate, and manage case settlements quickly and efficiently.

From the moment you agree to take the case, ProLaw’s contingency analysis and disposition tools can help you calculate client and firm net under different settlement scenarios using intuitive worksheets. Easily automate and manage settlement analysis, lien tracking, mass settlements, and more. At any time, you can access the financial standing of the case to provide your client with an updated status and their current charges.

Sophisticated tools keep track of investments, lienholder and payment amounts, and co-counsel percentages to give you an up-to-date picture of what’s been invested in the case. As you reach settlement, we offer support for tiered percentage settlements. Tight integration with ProLaw’s financial management system simplifies settlement efforts as entries are automatically made in Journals, Transactions, and Ledger, and trust deposit and necessary checks are automatically created.

From pre-case analysis to ongoing case tracking, to final settlement, you can be confident that ProLaw has the capabilities needed to help you efficiency and accurately manage contingency cases.

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