Email and Electronic File Management

Store and Retrieve Emails in Context with Clients and Matters

Manage your high volume of emails and electronic file attachments by easily saving and retrieving them within the context of their relevant matters and clients in ProLaw.

  • Attorney-friendly Outlook View gives you direct access to ProLaw information from Outlook. View ProLaw matter information, read documents and other event information from Outlook. Link to ProLaw for easy editing.
  • Benefit from comprehensive document management capabilities, such as searching, retrieval and organization solutions
  • Improve communication by sharing information across the organization

Email and Electronic File Management Features

  • Pro File emails and attachments directly from Outlook to ProLaw – with one click
  • Preview email from matters and contacts within ProLaw without opening the email
  • With delegate rights in Outlook, you can Pro File to ProLaw for your delegates. Pro File appointments, send and receive, and Pro File emails
  • Drag and drop emails and attachments from your inbox to matter folders in Outlook
  • Pro File incoming and sent emails and attachments to relevant matter and/or client records
  • Pro File delivery and read receipts to track and verify activity
  • Link emails to the ProLaw contact records of the external senders or recipients
  • Organize emails and files by client, matter, date or type
  • Capture, store and monitor emails of users for regulation requirements
  • Define storage periods and enforce proper email archival and destruction procedures

View ProLaw Demo: Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office

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