Document Assembly

Easily Create Accurate, High Quality Documents

Simplify the production of documents, reduce data input errors, and create a valuable repository of your organization’s critical documents. With ProLaw’s intuitive document assembly tools, your document production is completely integrated with the ProLaw document management system and docketing calendars.

  • Expedite the generation of documents and improve their accuracy
  • Facilitate better organization of legal documents
  • Benefit from full integration to ProLaw’s built-in document management system

Document Assembly Features

  • Easy-to-create custom forms and templates with drag and drop fields
  • Develop sophisticated templates and easily merge information from the ProLaw database
  • Automatically convert documents into a PDF
  • Integrate with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word
  • Templates assignable to practice areas or jurisdictional rules
  • Templates link to relevant task or deadline
  • Mass document assembly
  • Conditional text based on matter or contact information
  • Tracking of Client, Addressee, Cc and Bcc contacts on the matter
  • Tracking of client and opposing party pronouns for consistent merging in court documents
  • Word processing macros can be run after document assembly
  • Ability to use simple or complex calculations in forms
  • Ability to create prompts for users to select records within a matter to merge

View ProLaw Demo: Document Management and Assembly

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