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Forefront Q1 2016 Edition

  • How Telecommuting Powered by the Cloud Is Going to Help Your Firm
  • Law Firms: Don't Confuse Subscription with SaaS
  • Cost Accounting - The New Reality in the Legal Industry
  • Attacking Costs

Forefront Q4 2015 Edition

  • Financial Strategies in a Fluctuating Legal Market
  • Leading in the Age of Disruption
  • Guiding Principles: Planning and Executing Successful Transformation
  • More to Metedata Management than Cleaning

Forefront Q3 2015 Edition

  • Content Security – Protecting ALL of Your Firm's Valuable Content
  • Rolling with IT
  • Cloud Computing Due Diligence: A Checklist for Law Firms
  • The Law Firm – A Story of Time Gone By

Forefront Q2 2015 Edition

  • Making ProLaw Hum in 2015
  • 3 Recent Technology Threats that Matter Most
  • Automation Tools are Critical Enables of BPM
  • 5 Ways to Make Business Development More Successful

Forefront Q1 2015 Edition

  • Cloud or On-premise Software Solution? A Quick Guide to Make the Right Decision
  • Targeting the Right Audience for Your Events
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Timekeepers
  • OCR Technology – Ensuring All Your Content Is Searchable

Forefront Q4 2014 Edition

  • Are You Mobilizing?
  • Five Benefits of Collections Automation
  • Time for a Timekeeping Audit
  • FAQ: The Top 5 Questions about Cloud Computing

Forefront Q3 2014 Edition

  • A Market Shift toward Integrated Searching
  • Practical Ways to Get Your Entire Firm Pulling for Profitability
  • 7 Reasons Why Time Entry Should be a Top Priority for All Firms
  • The Power of Decentralization

Forefront Q2 2014 Edition

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Your Firm Should Take Credit Cards
  • Practical Ways to Use Voice Productivity Technology for a Better Law Practice
  • ProLaw Done Right
  • Globalization and the International Payment Process

Forefront Q1 2014 Edition

  • The Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask Your IT Consultancy Firm – Before You Hire Them
  • Lessons and Best Practices for Vendors and Lessors at LegalTech
  • #ServiceFirst 10 Commandments
  • Do It Now: Five Benefits of Contemporaneous Time Entry

Forefront Q2 2013 Edition

  • How Do You Gauge Your Firm's Financial Health?
  • Top Tips on Cloud Computing
  • Automated Expense Management
  • How Kestrel Tackled the Jackson Reforms

Forefront Q1 2013 Edition

  • Making the Case for Human Resources in the UK Legal Sector
  • The Liability of Fraudulent Checks
  • The Delicate Balance Between Work, Life and Law Firm Priorities
  • Risk Management for Law Firms