Partner Sandbox

Hands-on Access to Learn Thomson Reuters Elite Software

Where do the best partner innovations for Thomson Reuters Elite clients begin? They start with a deep understanding of how Thomson Reuters Elite’s enterprise business management solution drives business value.

That’s why we developed the Thomson Reuters Elite Partner Sandbox Program, a collaborative learning and test environment where your staff can utilize the same systems and functionality that our clients rely on every day.

Unmatched Product Integration Opportunities

The Sandbox Program enables you to:

  • Explore Thomson Reuters Elite software in a no-pressure environment
  • Research and test product capabilities
  • Train your staff on Thomson Reuters Elite systems
  • Reduce development costs
  • Speed time-to-market
  • Increase sales

How it Works

The Sandbox is a self-contained virtual environment hosted by Thomson Reuters Elite, and accessible from your location with no major implementation or large data transfer.

IntegrationServicesProduct and Enterprise Alliance partners may be eligible to participate in the Sandbox. A nominal annual fee of $3,500 per test environment covers hardware and setup support. Partners can subscribe to multiple test environments, and can load previous versions of Thomson Reuters Elite software. All Partner Sandboxes require a signed hosting agreement.

Learn More

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Note: Thomson Reuters Elite reserves the right to change the terms of the Global Strategic Alliance Program without notice.