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AAC, Inc.

AAC, Inc. is a full-service consulting group specializing in the implementation, enhancement and operation of financial systems used by professional service organizations. Our team provides a full complement of services including system selection, system implementation, training, customizations, electronic data conversion, general support, system integration and best practice analysis.

Alliance Partner - Enterprise
Services Partner - 3E

Access Group

Access is a specialist supplier of HR and Payroll software, established to meet the needs of organizations requiring innovative solutions for business improvements. We will give you the advice, tools and clarity to make effective decisions, quickly and with certainty. Our modular suite of functionality includes talent management, absence management, learning and development, employee and manager self-service, online recruitment and more.

Alliance Partner - 3E, Enterprise, Envision, and MatterSphere Matter Management

Advanced Legal

Advanced Legal provides firms with a complete range of ProLaw services including implementation, data conversion, customization, development, end user training and support. The company also offers BI Pro, a business intelligence and financial reporting software that includes profitability analytics, colorized charting and multi-period trend analysis.

Integration Partner - ProLaw
Services Partner - ProLaw
Product Partner - ProLaw

Advanced Secure Technologies Ltd.

Advanced Secure Technologies provides the legal sector with a secure check solution that enhances security and improves processes. They help law firms across the UK save money and reduce risk.

Integration Partner - 3E, Envision and ProLaw

Afinety, Inc.

Afinety provides complete IT services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our unique standardized approach is designed to increase your efficiency and decrease your bottom-line costs. Whether you’d like to completely outsource or increase the potential of your in-house IT, Afinety offers affordable solutions that simply work.

Services Partner - ProLaw

AnkhTech Consulting

AnkhTech was founded by Azeem Lokhandwala, who has focused on implementing and customizing the 3E software to support client needs since 2006. AnkhTech provides services that include Project Management, Biztalk/ESB Interfaces, Crystal Templates and 3E custom development such as 3E workflows, metrics, reports, dashboards & data level security.

Alliance Partner - 3E


Axcient's Recovery-as-a-Service cloud eliminates data loss, keeps applications up and running, and makes sure that IT infrastructures never go down. Axcient replaces legacy backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and archiving products, with a single integrated platform that mirrors an entire business in the cloud, making it simple to restore data, failover applications, and virtualize servers or an entire office with a click.

Alliance Partner - ProLaw

Bellefield Systems

Bellefield’s iTimeKeep is the #1 most adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution for attorneys, enabling contemporaneous time entry while providing attorneys with an app that they want to use anywhere with their mobile device or desktop. Bellefield’s relentless commitment to simplicity and innovation has led to recent developments, such as the first-of-its-kind gamification-based Engagement Program and the first timekeeping app for the Apple Watch for legal. iTimeKeep seamlessly integrates with Elite Enterprise, ProLaw, eBillingHub and other leading billing systems.

Alliance Partner - Enterprise
Integration Partner - ProLaw and eBillingHub

BigHand Limited

The BigHand Group supports over 200,000 professionals globally, across 1,950 organizations, and is based out of Chicago, Temecula, London, Sydney, Eindhoven and Toronto. BigHand’s voice productivity technology combines workflow digital dictation, Smartphone applications, document creation and speech recognition to offer the legal marketplace a technology that allows attorneys to use their voice to get more done while improving operational efficiencies and reducing overhead costs.

Integration Partner - 3E, Enterprise, Envision and MatterSphere Matter Management Tech Ltd. is revolutionizing how lawyers track and capture their time. tracks and creates time entries so that you don’t have to waste time to capture time. Manually tracking emails and calls is disruptive and often takes more time than you are accounting for; with one click you can capture an entire email thread or several hours of work on a computer.

Alliance Partner - ProLaw