Extensibility Tools


Extensibility Tools: Customize MatterSphere to Work for You, Now and Into The Future

MatterSphere Designer

MatterSphere software development kit. Click on the image to see a full size screenshot.

Flexible Setup and Scalability

Customize the system to meet your firm’s business needs.

  • Maximize efficiency and benefit from system extensibility with the MatterSphere software development kit
  • Configure MatterSphere to meet your firm’s unique current and future requirements
  • Grow your firm and add work types, departments, and more without having to change software systems
  • Incorporate third party applications and products seamlessly
  • Develop workflows to maximize efficiency for all of your firm’s business processes
  • Developer tools, such as object check-in/check-out, roll back, and versioning, offer greater efficiency, control, and quality

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Woven into Microsoft Outlook®, Word®, and Excel®, , MatterSphere automates and standardizes manual processes with built-in workflows, while giving you complete visibility into your firm’s practice activities.

Robust Technology Foundation

Benefit from a strong, enterprise-class solution with limitless functionality for matter management.

  • MatterSphere isn’t like other Office add-ons; in fact, it’s not an add-on at all
  • Built completely on Microsoft .NET technology from the ground up
  • Uses an embedded approach directly inside Microsoft Office to provide legal professionals with one unified view of information from all firm-wide business areas and data silos

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