Government Agencies

Legal professionals in the public sector are continuously challenged. Limited budgets and high volume caseloads require agencies to do more with fewer resources. Now more than ever, government agencies need to find innovative methods to automate work processes, reuse knowledge, eliminate rework and reduce administrative overhead. Thomson Reuters Elite, the leading provider of a complete enterprise business management solution for the legal industry, has developed advanced technology and workflows that revolutionize matter management within government agencies.  Our success has earned Thomson Reuters Elite the leading position in the legal market, with more than 60% of the Am Law 100 and Global 100 law firms relying on Thomson Reuters Elite’s offerings to manage their businesses.

Manage Efficiently to Deliver Greater Value

Below are software offerings that are designed to maximize your agency’s performance and efficiency. Choose the one that best fits your needs.


  • Powerful matter management solution built entirely on Microsoft .NET
  • Rich functionality embedded in Microsoft Office
  • Unified management of matters and all related information
  • Standardize and automate work using template and precedent libraries
  • Access metrics and monitor performance


  • Powerful integrated solution that runs on a single database
  • Organize matter information and maximize agency efficiency
  • Keep track of budgets and performance
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office, Westlaw research, court rules and more
  • Retrieve, view and update information with mobile access


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