Accounting Firms

When firms rely on Thomson Reuters Elite solutions to manage their accounting practices, all of the information they need will be in one easy-to-access, fully integrated place. Thomson Reuters Elite has been helping clients succeed in the global legal and professional services market for nearly 60 years. Using Thomson Reuters Elite's proven enterprise business management solution, you benefit from industry-leading financial management, risk management, and business development software that will help drive your firm’s performance to new levels.

Thrive and Compete in Today’s Business World

Below are software offerings that are designed to foster growth and maximize your firm’s success. Choose the one that best fits your needs. 

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  • End-to-end scalable platform built entirely on Microsoft .NET
  • Streamlines tasks with built-in workflow and collaboration
  • Provides powerful online metrics, analytics and reporting tools
  • Offers mobile access to retrieve and update information
  • Supports firms operating on a multi-office, global scale


  • Feature rich platform that runs on a single database
  • Automates time, billing and accounting functions
  • Requires no extensive customization or development
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Word and other popular applications
  • Retrieve, view and update information with mobile access

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