Thomson Reuters Elite is focused on offering innovative business management solutions that help you spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about it. Whether you are part of a global institution, a multi-office national firm, a boutique practice, a mid- or small-size firm, a corporate legal department, or a government agency, Elite provides software products and services that help you broaden your strategic visibility over your clients, data, and business operations and simplify and boost firm-wide compliance. With Elite, you can be confident that your technology can adapt to changes to help your firm succeed.

At Elite, we build long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure that our products and services help you solve today’s business challenges and face tomorrow’s opportunities. With world-class training, education, project management, application consulting and technical services, we reinforce your investment in your future, help you build the foundation to thrive, and provide the support you need to ensure success.

Elite Solutions

To survive and prosper in today’s business world, you need industry-leading solutions that foster growth, maximize performance, and provide the strategic visibility to embrace change confidently.

Elite has two business management platforms to help you manage critical areas of your business:


Offers large law firms powerful core business development, matter management, risk management, and financial management capabilities with built-in firm-defined analytics, embedded billing rules and workflows, and a flexible data model—all within the most reliable and secure system on the market.

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Is an integrated software solution designed to automate the practice and manage the business of law. Comprehensive features simplify, streamline, and coordinate the work of lawyers and staff in small and mid-sized law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Built entirely on Microsoft® .NET® technology.

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3E Elite


The 3E and ProLaw business management platforms deliver the power to streamline processes; simplify and boost firm-wide compliance; broaden strategic visibility over your clients, data and business operations; and allow you to confidently take on the future. For over 60 years, Elite has worked with small, mid-and large-sized law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and professional services organizations. We understand the aspects of your firm and we give you the tools to effectively manage and connect all major business areas.

Client and matter management, document management and assembly, workflow and collaboration tools, and price planning.

We’ve revolutionized matter management operations by providing you with a single unified way to view and manage day-to-day activities, including clients, cases, workloads, and all related documents and reference materials. With solutions that match the way lawyers and legal offices actually work, you can manage matters effectively through their entire lifecycle, from budget to closing review, giving your clients the transparency, predictability, and accountability they demand.

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General ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, collections, e-billing, trust accounting, and time tracking.

Managing the finances of your firm is full of challenges—from financial reporting to electronic billing and everything in between—and you need an efficient and streamlined system. Our proven financial management platforms can help you profitably manage your business and increase your operational efficiency.

The Elite financial management platforms encompass all aspects of accounting. They can be configured from the ground up to give you the power you need to gain complete visibility and control of your firm’s financial health, and their robust functionality helps you meet billing and cash management objectives with tools designed to shorten billing cycles, improve time capturing, swiftly create and distribute invoices, and much more.

Whether your organization is small, mid-sized, or large, our financial management platforms will help you confidently manage your firm’s finances.

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Enterprise relationship, experience management, and marketing automation.

Fierce competition and the need to differentiate law firm and professional services organizations have profoundly changed the business development landscape. Today’s clients are demanding more efficiency and individualized industry insight. Our relationship management tools help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Using a streamlined approach to business development, you can leverage your strongest relationships to uncover buried opportunities. Targeted analysis and real-time insights give you authentic reasons to stay in touch with customers from the first contact through client engagement. And lawyers can enter meetings better informed and ready to close business with real-time views into client data and relationship insight.

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Conflicts, records, compliance and security management, and new business intake.

In today’s business world, risk is a moving target. Threats, compliance concerns, and regulations are constantly shifting. Connecting critical data with processes that mitigate your risk is essential to keep your business on the path to success. Our risk management solutions allow you to manage business intake, conflicts of interest, calendaring and docketing, compliance, and other risk concerns to protect you and your clients and to help you conduct business more securely.

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Development and integration framework, design templates and workflows, and workflow management.

With an increasingly pressurized business climate and ever growing demands to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of your firm, technology clearly has a significant role to play when it comes to your firm’s ability to improve efficiency and compliance, broaden strategic visibility, unlock opportunities, and adapt to market and business changes. 3E and ProLaw technology foundations are scalable, secure, reliable, and adaptable. They allow you to eliminate the operational challenges of disparate systems and rising infrastructure costs, integrate with new technologies, and enable cross system reporting, workflows and processes. With anywhere access to the systems and data, you have the ability to get information and perform the tasks needed to make data-driven client and business decisions anytime.

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Lawyer productivity, data warehouse and visualization, and proforma editing.

Today’s lawyers need to be more engaged with their clients, and they need to deliver better and more efficient value. That’s what the Elite Lawyer Experience is all about. It provides productivity tools built to work the way lawyers work, so they can deliver the best legal service in the most cost-effective way. We connect lawyers to the systems and tools they need to efficiently complete daily tasks from every possible environment: in the office, on mobile devices, and on the web. The Elite Lawyer Experience encompasses the tools to make it easy for lawyers to access financial insights, enter time while on the go, view company and contact intelligence, and access all matter-related information from virtually anywhere.

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At Elite, we are committed to helping you meet your business goals and confidently take on the future. To ensure your success with our solutions, we have developed a diverse ecosystem of industry partners, resources, and expertise:

  • Access to process models and embedded templates, built on 60+ years of working with over 2,400 firms
  • VANTAGE worldwide and regional user conferences providing you with the opportunity to learn and network with industry experts and your peers
  • World-class training, education, project management, application consulting and technical services, leveraging more than 350+ years of combined years of experience to ensure that your investment is a success and your firm gains a high ROI
  • One-stop global alliance network comprised of leading companies that offer complementary technologies and services that help you automate business processes, increase profitability, and achieve competitive advantage
  • The backing, experience, and expertise of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals


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"At Milbank, we are focused on finance technology solutions that enhance client value, support outstanding client service, and facilitate lawyer efficiency. We are very excited to evolve our finance technology platform with 3E, a solution that can be adapted to meet our exact needs."
— Mat Rosswood, Chief Financial Officer, Milbank
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"The time we are saving can now be spent better serving our clients, which in turn generates more income for our firm. Not having ProLaw would simply be detrimental to our success. "
— John Messersmith, KPM LAW
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"MatterSphere removes time-consuming and routine administration delays. It is flexible enough to cope with the unique aspects of our work, yet still supports management supervision. And it allows us to realise more billable hours from our lawyers while reducing the service costs of supporting them. "
— Andrew Powell, Nabarro LLP
"From a tactical standpoint, it made the most sense to have solutions that were not only Web-based, but were also integrated and provided by a single vendor I know I can trust. This decision reduced implementation risk and improved my ability to get the most value out of my investment."
— Clinton Gary, Arnall Golden Gregory
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"Complying with client service, usually with little turnaround time, is one of the greatest benefits we have received from Design Gallery. Not a lot of firms can say that they can do that."
— Melissa Bellocchi-Hull, Director of Human Resources and Accounting, Ridout & Maybee LLP
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