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Valuable Blogging – The Need for Integration to Enable Real Thought Leadership

In legal and professional services firms, where businesses live and die through the strength of their fee earners and partners’ relationships with their clients, being seen as thought leaders in their field is absolutely crucial.

Blogs are being used as a necessary tool to drive thought leadership in this sector. Any conversation with a client or partner makes this clear to see. However, feedback on the issue isn’t all good. There is a real mix of both success and nightmares when it comes to blogging. So what exactly is happening, and what can be done to improve it?

Research has found that, even though law firms are blogging more, they are failing to provide value in those blogs by not targeting the right content to the right audience.

When have we heard this before? This issue isn’t a new one. Many industries have struggled with data management, segmentation, and the application of this breakdown. CRM systems have been used to enable companies to manage data and processes within their organization. Some industries have taken a further step to ensure that they connect their marketing and business development efforts and invest in the latest integrated CRM systems that allow them to provide personalized information to the right people at the right time.

Marketing and business development teams in law firms rely on content from their lawyers in order to drive sales and pipeline within the business. So, as we move into a digital-enabled age, our goal should be to integrate our digital marketing systems with our internal CRM systems to ensure that the right content is targeted at the right clients, when they need it. Sadly, with eMarketing systems not being integrated with CRM systems, this is not necessarily the case. Perhaps it’s not surprising that other worrying trends have been revealed:

There has been a decrease in in-house counsel finding blog content credible. Targeting your audience is a huge part in content marketing success. With so much inbox and social noise currently out there, it is important to target recipients with relevant and timely content in order to drive engagement, especially when 30% of in-house counsel do not visit law firm blogs. An ability to understand what needs to change and the flexibility to affect the change is vital. This is far easier with a content strategy that has an integrated CRM system at the heart of it.

So is it all bad news?

Not exactly. While engagement levels in the world of legal content are less than desirable, there has been an increase in investment, suggesting a real desire for improvement. CMOs want to increase budget for content marketing. However, increasing resources has not ameliorated engagement rates. Effort needs to be put into looking at how this investment can be used most effectively. In essence, law firms need to target valuable information to the right audience when it comes to content, and this can be made much more effective by integrating your content and e-marketing solutions with your firm’s CRM system.


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