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How Video Content Is Changing Legal Marketing

We live in a digital world. Not only does this change how we interact and how we do business, it also changes how we seek out information. In days gone by, when a legal marketer was looking to promote the services of their firm, chances are that they primarily relied on word of mouth. Perhaps this marketer would’ve advertised the firm’s services on TV or in the newspaper, and they almost certainly would have placed the firm’s contact information in the Yellow Pages.

Today, the situation is quite different. A marketer’s first port of call is almost certainly the Internet, which is why digital marketing is the new standard for all industries. When lawyers and legal marketing professionals were asked how legal marketing has changed in the last five years, their resounding response was social media. The amount of information potential clients can access online means that they are more educated and are prepared with all of the questions they want answered before committing to one firm over another.

Legal clients, much like any other modern consumers, are now in full control. Potential legal clients are accessing information when and where they need it, and law firms need to be available when and where these clients are looking. Modern law firms must consider how to address current and potential clients at each stage in their buyer journey – from awareness and consideration to the final decision.

High-quality, targeted video content increases conversion rates by nearly 300%. Pages with video content are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results, and they attract 43% of clicks on the first page of Google search results. This makes it ever more important for legal firms to use this medium to achieve the best results from their marketing efforts.

Awareness: Answer Questions

When a potential client has a legal challenge and starts looking for a solution, they want to find out as much as they can about their options. Modern law firms should use this to their advantage. Videos that answer some of these frequently asked questions make it easier for clients to assess their choices. How-to and FAQ videos should provide the client with information in a manner that is simple and to the point. These videos have to captivate viewers before directing them to your website.

Consideration: Who You Are

When clients are considering their options, legal firms need content that educates potential leads about their services and solutions. Explainer videos and videos detailing more about the brand’s culture are ideal at this stage. Video content should convince clients that your firm offers the best solution; with the aim being to develop trust and illustrate the authority of your legal brand. Video case studies show potential clients how the law firm works and what it could do for them. Because the aim is to convince the client of the quality and value of your brand, the video content has to be of a high standard, too. A mediocre video shot on an iPhone could do more harm than good.

Decision: Why You’re Great

Once a potential client has done their research and considered their options, this is when a firm should really be bragging about their services. Client testimonials featuring interviews with satisfied customers have a high impact. You need to convince people that you can get the job done, and one of the best ways to do so is to show them real examples. Having happy clients promote your services is a great way to brag without having to do so yourself.


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