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Technology: The Influencer on Workplace Happiness

As digital disruption soaks in for those in the Australian legal community, practitioners have started to recognize how workplace technology is influencing their happiness.  

A recent study, by GlobalX Legal Solutions, of Australian lawyers and conveyancers has identified accessibility to new technologies and flexible working conditions as the top priorities in achieving a positive work-life balance — more so than increased pay.

These results reflect an industry shift in mindset from a notoriously pay-driven and skeptical market when it comes to the benefit of adopting new technology into the practice, to find more legal professionals realizing the positive impact technology has on the flexibility of their day-to-day lives and overall experience at work.

It can often be said that practitioners are ”tech laggards” when compared to those in industries such as wholesale distribution and banking. However, 75% of those surveyed said technology improves work-life balance within their practice.

While respondents cited “new technology” as the biggest benefactor to work life balance, the integration of business systems was viewed as the most challenging technology project by one in three respondents, which appears to negatively affect one’s readiness to implement new technology at the firm.

Evidence supports the notion of building a comprehensive ecosystem of products that, together, produce value greater for the firm than they do as individual systems. Integrated industry-focused or best-of-breed solutions are required to synchronize staff, resources, and processes according to best-practice in order to have individual departments or functions and the practice running at an optimal level.

The increased commitment to the digitization of services in commercial and government sectors is influencing the local legal market. Nearly 60% of respondents in the study identified PEXA and “cloud-based solutions” as the current tech trends affecting their business. 

Results indicate that cloud-based technologies are another area where firms are looking to invest, with legal practitioners identifying the increased need for fast, mobile ”anywhere anytime” access to documents and systems required to process matters.

A more predictable finding was that “value for money” remains the top priority for legal professionals when considering new software and services, and a “lack of funds for investment in technology” remains the biggest impediment to change.

So, how can you ensure you’re getting the best value and long-term performance from your software provider? Work with a partner committed to a particular industry who delivers individual best-of-breed systems that integrate with other specialized functionalities. Other factors to consider include access to ongoing product enhancements and support via training, help desk, and professional services.

What are the top technology investments law firms are looking to make over the next year?

  • PEXA
  • Cloud-based technologies
  • Integration (implementation between multiple solutions)
  • Practice management doftware
  • Mobile technology
Global X

GlobalX Legal Solutions is a market leading provider of online information search solutions for property, business and consumers. A PEXA sponsor delivering e-conveyancing and manual legal support services, we support over 17,000 lawyers nationwide every day. Click here for more information.

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