The Business Case for Migrating Your Legal Workloads to Amazon Web Services

You may have heard of cloud computing, but what is all the fuss? How would introducing a new IT paradigm accomplish anything other than creating more IT headaches? Here’s how: Amazon Web Services (AWS) empowers your organization to work and grow without restraint.

Are on-premise servers hindering your organization? Anticipating the growth of your business should not mean dreading the cost of new servers and potential performance degradation. That is why you should consider migrating your workloads to AWS, where IT infrastructure easily grows with you and stays out of the way so you can focus on your business.

Pay for What You Use

You should not have to pay for what you do not use. However, that is almost unavoidable with a traditional in-house environment. Even if you decide to virtualize your existing workloads, you will still have to pay for powerful, expensive servers to provide sufficient resources and redundancy. In as little as three years, those servers will be outdated and in need of an upgrade in order to keep your environment secure. Why burden yourself with these concerns when you have a business to run?

Performance and Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the cornerstones of a law firm. Yet how much time do your employees waste struggling with slow workstations or other PC problems? On AWS, solid state drives (SSDs) are the standard. An SSD is many times faster than even the best mechanical hard disk drive, and all of your applications benefit from this upgrade.

Platform Agnostic

Mac or PC? No problem. Give your lawyers flexibility without compromising security or your standard suite of applications. Deliver the same applications and data to all of your employees, wherever they are.

Try Before You Buy

Interested in getting new applications but afraid of the cost and time investment? With Amazon, you can have your environment ready almost as soon as you make your purchase. Need a test environment? This standard precaution might be out of the question with the limitations of an on-premise environment, but you can provision as many test servers as you need on AWS. Feel confident training your staff without worrying about impacting your production environment.

AWS and Automation

Nevertheless, things can go wrong in production such as lost files, bad upgrades, and even nasty viruses like Cryptolocker. What can you do to protect your company’s precious data? Automated backups are readily available on AWS. Rest easy knowing that you have multiple versions of your data stored on Amazon’s ultra-durable storage solution. Volumes of data can be recovered and restored in minutes.

Next Steps

Still undecided? There is no upfront cost. You can try a test environment, and if it does not work for your business, then that’s it. You are not married to the cost of Amazon’s servers.



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