Smarketing for Law Firms:
How to Boost Business Proposals and Pitch Quality

Nearly every professional sphere seems increasingly inundated with shiny new portmanteaus and buzzwords, from thighvertising to coca-colonization. While these can often annoy more than they inspire, with a good dose of face-palm thrown in for good measure, occasionally a term arises that pinpoints genuine insight.

Smarketing is one such term. Coined by inbound marketing giant Hubspot, it stands for a company approach that aligns the marketing and sales departments so that both are working with the same data and have optimal communication. It also has the added connotation of smart marketing.

Here are a few reasons why smarketing can help your law firm boost its business proposals and pitch quality.

A Better Understanding of Your Clients Means More Targeted Business Proposals

In the legal sphere, your sales people are often the lawyers themselves, as it's a service-based industry that's never really had a perceived need for a dedicated sales department. But an increasing number of firms are breaking from this mold in order to get a competitive edge in the modern business environment. In those cases, your business developers will often spend most of their time on the road with the lawyers, pitching clients. This means that the BD team will always have a more comprehensive and detailed knowledge of your clients than the marketing team.

But you and your team, as marketers, are in charge of compiling the firm's business proposals and structuring their messaging. If you work closely with your business development team and tap into their customer knowledge through their CRM system, you'll create business proposals that are far more targeted. When a prospective client feels spoken to directly, they will respond to your proposals better and more frequently.

With Stronger Messaging, Your Pitches and Proposals Will Be More Effective

When everyone's on the same page, your business proposals will help maintain a stronger brand identity and coherence between the marketing message and the lower end of the sales process. This consistency is vital for both your proposals and pitches, as it defines and sustains a law firm's reputation, which, as we've mentioned before, can make or break a law firm in today's hyper-competitive environment.

It's one thing for a pitch or proposal to be targeted to each particular client, but quite another for it to contain powerful, moving, and effective messaging. Your business development team has the know-how that closes sales and convinces clients at the brink that taking your professional relationship to the next level is the best possible move. This is exactly what marketing needs to incorporate into their business proposals to increase their effectiveness – and smarketing is the answer.

Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing Is Easier Than Ever Before

Thankfully, these days a great smarketing approach is easier than it's ever been. The technology is there and readily available for everyone to be on the same page, use the same information, and communicate effectively.


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