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At Bellefield, we live and breathe innovation. Our source of inspiration is the modern law firm: how it works, who works in it, and what might make it work better. Through our flagship product, iTimeKeep, we make it possible for lawyers to achieve firm-wide revenue goals through better and more efficient timekeeping practices. iTimeKeep is a game-changing mobile application that simplifies contemporaneous time entry, while eliminating the burdens of complicated and invasive time capture applications. With a relentless obsession with simplicity and a fascination with legal technology that knows no bounds, we create apps that lawyers love.

In order to maximize the benefits of mobility to law firms, while minimizing the burden to its users, we pioneered the Time Entry as a Service Model (TEaaS). We strongly believe that TEaaS is the future of the vendor-firm relationship, which is a very different approach than what the legal industry has historically embraced.

By now, we all know that contemporaneous time entry is the best option for both firms and lawyers. We have also taken contemporaneous time entry one step further by making real-time compliance a reality for firms. Now it is possible for firms to be connected and engaged with their clients’ billing rules. Lawyers can now enter time that is in compliance with client billing guidelines which, in turn, means that law firm finance departments no longer have to deal with rejections, corrections, and resubmission cycles.

Realizing that the ability for law firms to increase technology adoption demands a change in habit, we created the iTimeKeep Engagement Program. The iTimeKeep Engagement Program is based on the idea that adoption is only successful when the entire firm is involved and is accompanied by an “adoption kit” which provides educational materials that support the four-phase approach to law firm technology adoption.

Apple Watch

Lawyers spend their time working on cases all over the world, which means that true mobility is no longer a “nice to have,” but a “must have.” In honoring our commitment to making time entry as convenient and accurate as possible at any time, anywhere, using any device, we’ve developed the first-of-its-kind timekeeping app for the Apple Watch.

Our Pittsburgh-based team is committed to helping lawyers improve their work lives by developing innovative and intuitive applications that solve real-world challenges, which has earned iTimeKeep recognition as the #1 most adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution for lawyers for two consecutive years.  iTimeKeep seamlessly integrates with Elite Enterprise, ProLaw, eBillingHub and other leading billing systems.

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