BigHand Enterprise Edition is voice productivity technology that enables lawyers and support staff to use voice recordings to get their work done more efficiently and effectively. It makes the work of lawyers easier to manage, enabling them to share, prioritize, and track voice files that have been recorded onto a variety of devices, whether at the firm or on the go. The BigHand system also empowers support staff for faster document turnaround, improved collaboration, and optimal task management.

How It Works

Record Your Tasks

Record a draft of your document using your smart phone, and send it to your secretary or team for transcription. Your recipients can instantly pick up the voice file, improving your client service.

Authors don't need to limit their recordings to document production. They can record instructions for appointments, research requests, or various other tasks.

BigHand offers flexibility regarding where voice-based work is sent. So it is easy to convert voice-to-text with the server-side Speech Recognition module and share work to maximize your internal capacity.

Track Your Workload

BigHand gives visibility of your daily workload in an intuitive interface with updates that occur in real time. You can prioritize urgent work or set alerts to ensure that important items are not overlooked. Voice-based work can be set to change priority or moved to a different workflow if not completed within a predefined time frame.

Mobilize Your Professionals

You can extend your staff's remote working options by using BlackBerry® smartphone, iPhone®, and Window Mobile® smartphones, as well as Telephony, Email Gateway, and the Web Client to submit work. BigHand also works over Citrix, Terminal Services, and VPN to support whichever location your staff chooses.

Share with Your Team

Empower your administrative staff to boost collaboration, smoothing peaks of work and clearing bottlenecks for increased efficiency.

Convert Your Voice to Text

The BigHand server side Speech Recognition module allows you to quickly convert your voice to text. Authors record as normal and then send to a Speech Recognition workflow. They receive the automatic transcription on their desktop or smart phone. Authors can even choose to have the finalized document emailed to them, enabling them to review their work while on the go.

BigHand supports more than 200,000 professionals globally across 1,950 organizations. It is based out of Chicago, Temecula, CA, London, Sydney, Eindhoven, and Toronto. Click here for more information.

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