Making ProLaw Hum in 2015

  • SQL setup, maintenance and training
  • Fine tune ProLaw and application settings
  • ProLaw application and report customization
  • Customized ProLaw front/back office training

ProLaw is perhaps the best front and back office solution for firms of all sizes. But being so feature rich also means that the process of making ProLaw really hum is ongoing. Too many firms make the investment in purchasing and implementing ProLaw without an ongoing plan to really utilize important features or ensure that staff is proficient enough to make the most of this amazing tool. Below are a few tips that can help your firm really make ProLaw hum in 2015.

SQL Setup, Maintenance, and Training

In a surprising number of ProLaw firms, the SQL Server setup and maintenance has not been addressed by the IT staff or outside consultants. ProLaw performance can be greatly impacted by incorrect SQL configuration or lack of routine maintenance procedures. If performance or connections between separate offices are an issue at your firm, this is where a ProLaw certified consultant with knowledge of specific SQL configuration could make major improvements. If IT staff have not compiled detailed maintenance procedures, then additional SQL training and documentation should also be performed.

Fine Tune ProLaw and Application Settings

While settings for ProLaw and integrated applications such as Word, Outlook, or document management may have been configured with the original implementation, there are inevitably going to be adjustments to fit your firm’s workflow requirements. Working with a knowledgeable ProLaw consultant can offer insight from many different environments and also offer outside-the-box solutions to complex issues. It is important that hurdles in your workflow processes be identified and addressed as they can be silent killers of productivity and profitability. A ProLaw analysis by an expert in both setting and application configuration can go a long way to improving user efficiency and smoothing out integrations.

ProLaw Application and Report Customization

Along the same lines as fine tuning settings, it is important to continually assess the need for further customization and reporting. Rather than just putting in place a copy of your firm’s old reports, it is important to continue to develop custom database features and reporting that fuel improvements in business processes. Whether it’s improved time entry reports to increase accountability or custom SSRS reports to reveal lawyer effective rates by matter or area of law over the course of years, there are a lot of innovative ways that ProLaw custom report development can make data accessible and be used to take action and improve profitability.

Customized ProLaw Front/Back Office Training

It is critical that all ProLaw users make ongoing proficiency gains long after the initial training is provided with implementation. Too often, no follow-up training is provided to make sure users are utilizing this powerful tool and are able to visualize how it can work for their specific needs. When users are very proficient and understand the potential of ProLaw, they will be key in designing customizations to improve their workflow processes. Lack of ongoing training and proficiency are another type of silent productivity killer, and it is present in every firm. One idea is to hold monthly “lunch and learn” sessions to address common help desk or support questions. Another idea is to make “new hire training” an option for anyone that wants a refresher course or is working in new areas of ProLaw and needs to increase proficiency.

Making a Plan to Make ProLaw Hum in 2015

Start with an assessment of what workflow hurdles, information gaps, IT processes, or user proficiency issues the firm has. Work with ProLaw or a certified ProLaw consultant to complete the assessment and to create a schedule of proactive development or training initiatives. Remember that even if the deficiencies are not screaming out loud, they might be the silent killers of productivity and profitability that cost the firm greatly in the long run.

Advanced Legal

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