8 Reasons Why Legal Outsourcing Is More Necessary than Ever in the US

Joanna Swash, Commercial Director of Moneypenny looks at why more and more firms are recognizing outsourcing as the best way to create a more sustainable, profitable business.

Changing Landscape

Business processes within the operational infrastructure of firms of every size have never been more highly scrutinized. Firms are abandoning the traditional law firm model and culture and increasingly outsourcing business functions, which they see as key to survival in the new legal landscape. Dynamic firms recognize the huge advantages outsourcing offers to help them work leaner and smarter. Thankfully, the old view that outsourcing involves dumbing down a service in some way is an outdated one, and rightly so. Firms are far more switched on to the reality of the benefits, not only in cost terms, but service delivery too.

Reducing Cost Base

I’ve yet to meet a law firm with an unlimited budget. By outsourcing areas of back office and administrative functions, from IT to telephone answering, firms are recognizing that there is huge potential for cost efficiencies as well as increased profitability.Outsourcing is on the rise as firms reduce their workforce, increase their use of technology, and improve their processes and procedures, all while knowing they can receive a same or better-quality service with an external partner for less money.

Delivering the Very Best in Customer Experience

Forward-thinking law firms are responding proactively to current global economic conditions.  They’re focusing on providing best-in-class client service while increasing process efficiencies across administrative functions. Outsourcing offers firms a great opportunity to embrace new ways of working in what is a client-driven market demanding the very best. Exceptional service is no longer a ”nice to have”, it’s vital in gaining competitive advantage.

Business Continuity

All businesses have to assess the risks and determine the threats to their business, whether that be resourcing issues caused by bad weather, an IT or telecoms failure, staff sickness, or something else. Engaging with an outsourced partner mitigates that risk, giving the peace of mind firms need to keep business flowing.

Changes in the Way We Work

Many law firms in the US have started to downsize their office locations to save on cost. With so much patent and corporate law now being conducted over the phone and online for example, for some, there is less need for a large presence in sizeable city offices. Outsourcing in this scenario maintains the brand image while supporting a firm’s operational capability during times of change and movement.

Expertise and Skill

Typically, companies that outsource business functions do so to save money and increase efficiency and profitability. But there’s another very important driver that can make a world of difference. As business people, we like to think we can do it all. But the reality is we generally can’t. Smart firms recognize that there is a wealth of expertise available to their in-house team in the form of highly skilled external professionals. They get all of the benefits of great new additions to the team without the employment headache. 


Currently, most firms have a fixed, often small, number of employees to cover any one particular business function. For many key positions, staff levels are insufficient to meet growing demands and certainly to deliver excellence. In our world of telephone answering for example, we know that it is all too easy for firms to miss telephone calls when staff is busy or unavailable, thereby missing opportunities and compromising client service.

Traditional Front of House is Disappearing

The sight of a receptionist sitting at the front desk juggling visitors with answering the telephone is fast becoming a thing of the past. Taking over are concierge style ”meet and greet” lobby receptions focused entirely on hospitality and dedicated to giving visitors the best possible welcome. This means that receptionists in a separate location can focus purely on taking calls, which doesn’t necessarily need to be within the firm itself, especially if office space is of the essence as discussed above.


Moneypenny looks after telephone calls for businesses of all shapes and sizes — from sole proprietors right up to multinational corporations. For larger companies, Moneypenny can either support an existing reception team or provide a fully outsourced switchboard function. Based in Wrexham UK, Charleston, USA, and Auckland, New Zealand, Moneypenny has more than 400 staff, a figure that is growing at a rapid rate. The company was founded by a brother and sister team in 2000 and now handles more than 9 million calls a year for more than 7,000 businesses. Moneypenny is proud to have won the Queen's Award for Enterprise and has been in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For three times. Click here for more information.

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