Are You Mobilizing?

It is no secret that mobile is disrupting whole industries and business models. Your corporate clients are now consuming and sharing both business and personal content on their tablets and mobile phones.

As you look around the office, emails are being viewed on multiple devices, including BlackBerry®, iPhone®, and Android™. The technology to deliver a great experience on any device is available to everyone. But how do you decide which approach to take?

Responsive VS Optimized Email Campaigns: The Best Approach

With mobile content delivery continuing to be a huge talking point for Web, it comes as no surprise that mobile email is equally important for marketers in professional services. When speaking with firms about how they should be adapting their emails to be responsive, I am a huge believer in going back to the objective.

Responsive VS Optimized

Responsive Limitations

First of all, let's look at the limitations of responsive email. These include @media tags which are still not rendered by a number of mobile email clients, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry to name a few. While this is an issue with mobile templates for email delivery, it is something that will continue to improve over the coming months with software updates. As well as the limitations in responsive rendering, you also have to accommodate for the cost of designing and developing for the different screen sizes which in turn will cost extra to implement.

Optimized Alternative

Alternatively, there is the broader and more cost efficient option of mobile optimized templates. This is different than responsive in that the email will not render differently depending on the device it is opened upon. Instead, the template is designed and built with both desktop and mobile in mind to ensure a more user friendly experience for both views. The benefit to this approach is that you can send your emails out rest assured that they will be read with ease on any device or email client. That said, it does come with limitations to the end design and what can be included without making it too cluttered with call to actions, number of articles, etc.

Strategies for tackling moblie

Audience Analysis

In order to choose and adopt the correct method for your delivery, a great starting point is your data and knowing who is actually viewing the content on mobile devices. If you notice that the majority of your recipients are iPhone users, then it would make sense to look at creating more responsive designs. If however you notice a range of users, then you should consider starting with a mobile optimized design and see how the statistics change with this updated design and ability to view on mobile devices.

Digital Experience Consistency

With Web sites being the priority for professional services firms, there is much more emphasis on mobile sites which allows for firms to host the majority of that content in one place. As a consequence to this, it will mean that email will become even more important to bring traffic to this new site. How you go about your email delivery will play a huge part in ensuring the content is being read by your firm's clients and prospects while on the move.

In order to get started on creating more mobile ready emails, remember to first look at your data and start testing. Whether you choose responsive or optimized, always keep the end recipients' experiences front of mind.


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