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Output Solutions Group (OSG), based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, specializes in Document Studio™ services. The OSG team has experience with versions of the product as early as 4.5 to the present 5.11 and has provided consistent development and support for Document Studio solutions for the past 10 years.

The company understands the functionality within each version of the product and can offer creative solutions that will not only maximize the potential of Document Studio, but extend the life of the product as well. In depth knowledge of Document Studio enables OSG to assist your team in a number of areas, including:

  • Product upgrades
  • Template development
  • Redesign to facilitate branding and formatting updates
  • Redesign to improve processing speed
  • Document catalogue and document management implementation
  • Document distribution

We can help your team develop and implement a wide range of solutions, from standard invoices to joint and multipayor billing to custom conflicts reports.

We also recognize that with turnover of key IT personnel, many firms have lost important information about their Document Studio configurations. OSG offers system audits to review and document vital components of your workflow, ensuring current and future members of your IT staff have access to the resources they need to maintain your solution.

OSG also offers varied levels of Document Studio training to assist your staff in managing your solution. We strongly believe that the more your own team understands Document Studio, the more effective and efficient the overall solution will be. OSG offers training tailored to the needs of your IT and finance teams, covering everything from system configuration to template development.

Contact us today to learn more about how OSG can help your firm implement and maintain Document Studio.

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