Building Effective Dashboards with Clarity 7

By Rashmit Kaur, Business Development Manager, Obero Solutions

The purpose of dashboards and scorecards is to provide key stakeholders with a high-level overview of their organization’s performance based on various metrics or performance indicators. However, different users within some organizations request different types of data to be displayed. This eventually leads to the dashboard being difficult to read and filled with non-critical data. When this occurs, the dashboard becomes irrelevant to the end user.

Key Things to Remember When Creating Dashboards

  • Know Your Audience: It is important to consider the dashboard’s user. The most successful dashboards target a particular type of user and display data relevant only to that user.
  • Design Your Dashboard Based on How You View Your Data: There should be a logical process for displaying your data. For instance, if you were including financial data with sales data, it may make sense to group all financial data in one area and sales data in another.
  • Keep it Simple: Dashboards are meant to provide a high-level snapshot of information. Avoid showing large amounts of details. A cluttered dashboard is ineffective because it deflects the viewer’s attention from relevant messages.
  • Allow Drill Through Capabilities: While the dashboard maintains its purpose as a high-level overview of information, it should allow users to drill through on its visual gauges to another report that provides more detailed information.

How Clarity 7 Can Help

Clarity 7 is an intuitive CPM solution that integrates directly with 3E and Enterprise. It is a powerful Web-based application which helps firms budget and forecast collaboratively while having actual, budget, and forecast data all reside within a centralized database. Clarity 7 allows budgeting and forecasting of revenue and expenses (including capital expenditures) at the G/L level. It also can calculate timekeeper/employee production revenue and compensation (salaries, taxes, benefits, bonuses). Built-in Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow reports provide financial information from Elite in real time. One of the key features of Clarity 7 is the ability to create interactive dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPI’s) in a graphical, easy-to-read visual format. Actual data can be drilled down to transaction level details which provide insight at a much more granular level.

The Benefits of Keeping Current

Getting the most of your software requires keeping it current and up-to-date. By upgrading to the latest version of your solution, you can reap the benefits of significant performance gains, extended support, additional features, the latest tools to build more complicated templates and reports, and the ability for future functionality enhancement.

About Obero Solutions

Founded by former Clarity Systems executives, Obero Solutions is a strategic partner with Thomson Reuters Elite for the Clarity 7 application. Obero Solutions has many of the top Clarity experts in the industry who have managed several Clarity project implementations in the area of finance for legal firms across North America.
Some of the services we provide for Clarity include:

  • Design and development of new Clarity templates/reports and dashboards for financial reporting and budgeting
  • Upgrades to Clarity 7
  • Migration to Clarity from other platforms
  • Performance/best practices review
  • Product training/production support

Obero Solutions will be exhibiting at the Vantage 2014 Worldwide Conference in New York from June 23rd-26th. Be sure to visit our booth!

Obero Solutions

Founded by former Clarity Systems executives, Obero Solutions specializes in the design and development of Clarity Elite Budgeting, Forecasting, and Financial Reporting solutions. Obero's knowledge and experience in Clarity implementations including Clarity 7 upgrade projects is unparalleled. Utilizing our proven implementation methodology, we partner with our clients to ensure that projects are delivered successfully on time and within budget. Click here to learn more.

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